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Lünen | Tuesday, March 26, 2019

  • Training capacity will increase by 50 percent in Lünen
  • Aurubis invests an amount in the high single-digit millions
  • Bright and transparent architecture creates modern work areas

In the presence of about 80 invited guests, the “ATASI” was opened today by Michael Thews, member of the German Federal Parliament representing the Hamm-Unna II constituency; Jürgen Kleine-Frauns, mayor of Lünen; Thomas Helm, manager of the Hamm Employment Office; Jürgen Schachler, Aurubis AG CEO; and Astrid Herbers, managing director of the Aurubis recycling plant in Lünen. The name of the new building on the Aurubis plant premises on Kupferstrasse (“Copper Street” in German) is an acronym of the German words for Training, Technology, and Occupational Safety, the departments that will now be moving into the inaugurated structure.

Over 2,000 m2 of new office and work space

The new building provides the world’s largest copper recycler with well over 800 m2 of space for the Training Workshop and about as much office space on the upper floor. More than 350 m2 will be available for Technology, while Occupational Safety will use another roughly 300 m2 as workshop space. In addition to the bright, friendly architecture, the continuous, open window surface facing Kupferstrasse and the nearly 700 m2 copper facade made of about 7.5 tons of the “red gold” stand out in particular.

Overall, the cost of the new building is in the high single-digit millions. “We are investing in the future of Aurubis, in the future of the Lünen site,” Jürgen Schachler said during his welcome speech. He also emphasized that the company was expanding its training activities, in contrast to the general trend:

In Lünen alone, the number of trainees will increase in the coming years from 40 to 60, so by 50 percent. A new training center is also currently being built in Hamburg, at the Aurubis headquarters. There, we are boosting the number of training spots from 180 to 300 in the same period.

Regarding the security that training at Aurubis offers, Schachler continued: “Developments and megatrends such as urbanization, digitalization, e-mobility, and renewable energies – none of this would be possible without metals. Trainees at Aurubis don’t just work directly on the issues of the future. They also have clear prospects for their own professional futures.”

“Aurubis secures the future and the plant”

Member of the German Federal Parliament Michael Thews expressed his satisfaction about the investment in Lünen during his speech, highlighting the importance of recycling: “To protect our natural resources around the world, we need effective recycling processes and well-trained employees for this industry. With its new training center, Aurubis lives up to this task and secures both the future and the Lünen plant.” Lünen’s mayor, Jürgen Kleine-Frauns, underlined the necessity of breaking new ground in the training landscape in times of change in order to fulfill the demands of the future. “I congratulate Aurubis on its courage in pursuing these new paths with the ATASI project. It is a success and a true masterpiece. May the new training center be a good place for efficient learning and teaching for everyone. And may it serve as a motivator and an example for many companies in our region.” In Thomas Helm’s opinion, ATASI is the correct response to the current situation on the training market, as demographics, digitalization, and changes in the labor market strongly influence companies’ staff structure.

“Today is day 11,926 of my employment with Aurubis and day 1,515 as managing director,” Astrid Herbers said. “I’ve earned qualifications along the way, but I’ve never stopped learning. To make the right choice at the start of your professional life, to continue setting the right course, and to never stop learning – that is a great source of happiness. I hope that with ATASI, we can help many young people achieve some of that happiness as well.”

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