Tellurium Metal

Tellurium metal is used in thermoelectric consumer appliances, solar modules, sensors, and in steel and non-ferrous metal production, for example.

Aurubis is one of the world’s largest producers of high-quality tellurium. It is recovered from a variety of primary and secondary raw materials. Through the production processes in our copper smelters, we ensure a continuous supply of tellurium metal and tellurium dioxide.

Furthermore, both tellurium metal and tellurium dioxide from Aurubis fulfill the REACH requirements.

Main applications of tellurium metal
  • Solar industry: cadmium-telluride solar cells
  • Thermoelectric appliances: consumer products such as water dispensers, vehicle coolers, etc.
  • Electronics: storage modules (RAM), rewritable optical CDs, etc.
  • Mercury-cadmium-telluride: thin-film sensors for magnetometers
  • Thermal imaging devices: for infrared sensors and the conversion of raw data formats into razor-sharp screen images


  • Steel: as an additive for machine processing
  • Copper: to improve workability while maintaining conductivity
  • Lead: to enhance resistance against vibrations and material fatigue
  • Cast iron: to investigate hardness depth
  • Malleable cast iron: as a carbide stabilizer
Specifications of tellurium metal
Tellurium (Te) 99.995 % min
Selenium (Se) < 15 ppm
Inspected impurities < 50 ppm
Appearance/unit silver-gray ingots
Weight (per ingot) ca. 1.3-1.6 kg 
Packaging vacuum-sealed bags in containers


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