Future-oriented employer

Competent, productive, and dedicated employees are the foundation of Aurubis’ commercial success and continued development.

Our aim is to create a work environment for close collaboration and foster diversity and commitment. We are passionately invested in the progress of the company and society. The people who work at Aurubis motivate and inspire us every day. If we are to continue to learn from one another, they need to be able to grow as individuals and grow together.

We form a team that works toward the
company’s progress

Our Code of Conduct and internationally recognized International Labor Organization (ILO) core labor standards form the foundation for how we interact at Aurubis and provide guidance for cooperation and responsible behavior.

Diversity and equal opportunity 

Our Aurubis Code of Conduct, the Aurubis Human Rights Commitment and the Aurubis Diversity Commitment serve as the basis for respectful and fair cooperation at Aurubis. For us, a diverse workforce is conducive to successful collaboration thanks to the knowledge transfer, good teamwork, and necessary inclusion of different opinions and viewpoints it fosters. It enables us to not only secure our commercial success, but expand on it as well.

We see diversity as composed of different dimensions, and understand it – among others – as cultural diversity and international representation coupled with a wide range of skills from our demographically diverse workforce. Every employee is encouraged to get involved, realize their full professional potential, and be part of our commercial success. We aspire to ensure that the course of every career, from the very first meeting on, is shaped by openness and freedom from discrimination, and that diversity dimensions such as origin, gender, religion or ideology, sexual identity or a disability must not play a role. We believe in the equality of all people, and see this as the only way to practice diversity.

Work-life balance and workplace flexibility

We offer our employees an attractive work environment and offer options that help them establish good work-life balance. This is accomplished in part through more flexible and modern working time models, because we want to increase employee satisfaction and ensure that we remain attractive in comparison with other companies.

Compensation and benefits

We offer attractive compensation in line with the market. Competitive salaries independent of gender and based on performance and qualifications, along with comprehensive social services enhance our attractiveness as an employer and boost employee motivation.


We rely on the principle of a learning organization to achieve our vision and advance our strategy. We provide high-quality vocational training and invest in forward-looking qualifications and development for employees.

To secure an adequate number of qualified personnel in the long term, we regularly assess the need for specific skills and trades, and offer apprenticeships accordingly. We also monitor the demand for employee qualifications and successors for different positions in annual performance reviews and in the yearly personnel planning process in order to develop specialized skills and management expertise in a purposeful way. We use a qualification program to support the development of our employees.

Marcel Kloska
Marcel Kloska

Senior Manager Global Employer Branding & Recruiting

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Marco Schomburg
Marco Schomburg

Senior Manager Personal and Organizational Development

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