E-scrap & Complex Raw Materials

Aurubis purchases copper and copper alloy scrap, electronic scrap and industrial residues and produces high-quality products from them.

A growing proportion of copper production at Aurubis takes place by processing recycling materials such as copper and copper alloy scrap, copper-bearing residues from foundries and semis fabricators, shredder materials, galvanic slimes, slags, ashes and filter dust. A number of precious metal-bearing raw materials are also processed, including electronic scrap in various qualities and dimensions.

High-quality products come from recycling materials

Aurubis fabricates products made of recycling materials at several of its sites.

The Group’s largest recycling plant is the Aurubis recycling center in Lünen (Germany), where only secondary raw materials are used as input to produce cathodes.

Aurubis Hamburg (Germany) processes a mix of copper concentrates and recycling materials in the primary smelting process.

Copper scrap is primarily used at Aurubis Belgium in Olen and Aurubis Bulgaria in Pirdop.

Raw material purchasing is managed centrally by Aurubis AG’s  Commercial department. A variety of high-quality products is recovered from complex recycling raw materials at the recycling center Aurubis Lünen.

Recycling metal purchasing at Aurubis

We procure copper and copper alloy scrap as well as copper-bearing residues. Copper scrap is used as input in the convertors and anode furnaces of our primary and secondary smelting processes, while alloy scrap and residues are used in Aurubis AG’s Kayser Recycling System (KRS). Purchases are made in accordance with internationally recognized classifications and specifications. Most of our business partners come from the metal trade, which collects the scrap and prepares it for smelting, as well as the processing industry, where residues accumulate in the production processes.

Electronic scrap purchasing at Aurubis

There are high standards for recycling electronic devices due to the complex device structures and material compositions. We provide comprehensive solutions for producers and importers of electrical and electronic appliances and for specialized recycling companies. We recover copper and precious metals from the delivered electrical and electronic scrap with environmentally sound methods. Our business relationships include both strategic partnerships with extensive contract packages and individual contracts for precious metal-bearing raw materials.

Industrial residue purchasing at Aurubis

Special industrial residues and wastes that accumulate in production processes can be recycled in the Aurubis Group’s modern processing facilities in an environmentally friendly manner. We recover metals from the input materials or utilize them as additives for metal production. We are a recycling service provider for companies in the automotive supply industry, the chemical industry and waste management. At the same time, we market the by-products that result from the smelting process worldwide.


We offer a broad service portfolio:
  • Fair prices based on pricing models aligned with the industry standard
  • Consultation in matters related to metallurgical recycling
  • Professional sampling and analysis as the basis of correct material assessment
  • Appropriate processing of all recycling raw materials using state-of-the-art technology, taking environmental protection and occupational safety into account
  • Complete utilization of components and products
  • Logistics solutions with selected partners
  • Execution and processing of permit procedures pursuant to waste management law
  • Customs clearance for international trade
  • Providing market information
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