Aurubis Strategy

Metals for Progress: Driving Sustainable Growth

The future is made from metals. This knowledge has driven us for more than 150 years now. Our strategy targets sustainable, profitable growth. On this premise, we continue to move our business forward and continuously expand into new growth areas. Our roadmap clearly defines milestones for the upcoming years and aligns our strategic initiatives with global megatrends. This will empower us to consolidate and expand our position as the world’s most efficient and sustainable multimetal producer. The Aurubis Strategy is based on three pillars: we continuously secure and strengthen our core business, pursue growth options – especially in the area of recycling – and expand our industry leadership in sustainability.

Our strategic approach is aligned with trends and dynamics in relevant markets

We keep a constant eye on global trends, individual market developments, the flow of raw materials and goods, and regulatory issues. Based on these different dynamics, we continuously scan the markets for suitable opportunities. To drive our growth sustainably, we proactively address key topics that are steadily gaining in importance. These topics clearly include recycling and sustainability.

Our healthy, strong core business is a key component of our strategy

In the future, the world will need more and more of our metals. Processing raw materials containing metals, both concentrates and recycling materials, is our central expertise and creates a strong foundation. High productivity, cost efficiency, and effective sales channels for our products set us apart. We secure and strengthen our core business by continuously expanding our processing capabilities within our Group-wide smelter network. In alignment with our corporate strategy, we selectively expand our multimetal capacities and abilities through dedicated projects and initiatives.

We are pursuing new growth options based on our core business

We aim for sustainable, profitable growth. Increasing recycling rates across the world, closed material cycles, electric vehicles, and advancing digitalization will increase the demand for recycling materials. Recycling is therefore a key growth driver for us. We capitalize on our many years of process expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to extract, process, and recycle complex metals and compounds. We intend to expand and build up scalable recycling capacities within Europe and overseas. Furthermore, battery recycling will be a key growth area for Aurubis in the future.

Our ambition is to be carbon-neutral well before 2050

In addition to our sustainable products, we are also making an important contribution to the energy turnaround through our modern production technologies and processes. We see sustainability as our mission and an essential part of our own actions and business activities. We want to use resources responsibly – this will be our benchmark for success. We already evaluate new investments based on clearly defined targets. Our goal is to be carbon-neutral well before 2050.