Business Partner Portal

Our Business Partner Portal digitally improves processes as part of the business relationship between our partners and us. The portal offers a variety of digital services, which over the long run cover the complete journey of our suppliers and customers.

The Business Partner Portal was recently introduced and is being continuously expanded. Due to the portal's data structure, it is currently available for selected current suppliers from the recycling sector and customers who purchase Aurubis rod and other copper products. Other business sectors and sites will follow.

This page provides an overview of the benefits and functionalities the portal already offers today – with more to come.

Our digital services

The Business Partner Portal offers digital services for existing business relationships. These services are constantly being expanded. The following services are already available, and bring efficiency and transparency to the business relationship with our customers and suppliers. The portal is divided into two areas for the different target groups:

Contract services: All your contracts in one place
  • Concise overview of fulfilled, active, and pending contracts with customizable filters
  • Contract insights: Delivery and fixation status, contract details, and more
  • PDF download of contracts and relevant documents
Delivery services: See and manage deliveries
  • Concise overview of past and scheduled deliveries with customizable filters
  • Delivery insights: Material delivered, sampling results, link to contracts, fixation status, and more
  • PDF download of relevant documents
Fixation services: Request price fixations on your deliveries
  • Create fixation requests through an easy and seamless interface
  • Concise overview of past and upcoming fixations with customizable filters
  • Fixation insights: Current status, fixed price, material content, and more
  • PDF download of relevant documents, such as price confirmation
Deliveries: See and manage deliveries
  • Clear view of past and planned deliveries and collections with individual filters  
  • Insights into deliveries: Delivered products, live tracking of trucks, and transport status. 
  • PDF download of delivery notes 
Metal account: Independent access to your account balance
  • Overview of past and planned transactions 
  • Excel and CSV download for account statement  
  • Create exemption requests via a user-friendly form 

Portal login

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The Aurubis Business Partner Portal digitalizes the relationship between Aurubis and our customers and suppliers. This offers a variety of mutual benefits such as: 

  • More transparency, regarding contract status for example
  • Increased process efficiency 
  • Increased process reliability 
  • Greater availability of information from Aurubis
  • Simple handling and user-friendliness

We want to make it easy for our partners to handle business processes using the digital services on the portal. Secure and reliable processing is our top priority, so we offer users extensive support in the event of any problems: In addition to the FAQ, queries can also be sent to Customer Service.

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