Environmental protection at Peute Baustoff GmbH, Hamburg

Peute Baustoff GmbH is a 100 % subsidiary of Aurubis AG. It was founded in 1992 from the building materials department and is responsible for marketing the iron silicate products produced at Aurubis in Hamburg and Lünen.

These products are recovered in the course of copper production in accordance with DIN 4301 and come in two forms with identical material qualities: as crystalline iron silicate stone and amorphous iron silicate granules. After being processed in a crushing/screening plant, iron silicate stone is used in different grain sizes and weight classes in hydraulic and road construction, in addition to its role as an additive for cement. Iron silicate granules are used to produce blasting abrasives and are marketed under the brand name NAstra®. Iron silicate granules are also used as an additive in cement production. The iron silicate products fulfill the requirements of the national and international regulations for their respective applications, such as the EN-ISO standards and technical delivery conditions. Peute Baustoff GmbH assumes responsibility for the environment. The plant is certified in accordance with the German Federal Immission Control Act and is monitored accordingly. The use of dust removal and sprinkler equipment, as well as sweepers to reduce dust, ensures that the company observes the applicable environmental regulations.

Environmental measures that have been implemented
Optimization of the existing sprinkler equipment control

Needs-based control of the sprinkler equipment to reduce dust emissions

Date of completion: March 2021

Current environmental targets and measures
Further optimization of the existing sprinkler equipment


  • Installation of new sprinkler equipment for improved cover of storage and traffic areas to reduce dust emissions

Next Steps:

  • Planning and implementation in the second half of 2024


  • Ongoing
Repair of the storage area (concrete ceiling)


  • Renewal of the concrete ceiling in various areas of the plant premises to simplify cleaning and reduce dust emissions. 


  • Ongoing
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