Environmental protection at RETORTE

As a specialized company, RETORTE GmbH supplies worldwide markets in the glass, animal feed, solar and pharmaceutical industries with high-quality selenium products such as high-purity selenium, selenium alloys, sodium selenite and trace element premixes.

RETORTE GmbH Selenium Chemicals & Metals is located in Röthenbach an der Pegnitz, about 10 km east of Nürnberg. In the Group, the company is tasked with the further processing and marketing of selenium, a by-product of the copper production process. A significant proportion of the world's annual selenium production is refined into products with a wide range of applications at this site in Röthenbach.

Intelligently networked cycles ensure the best possible use of the valuable raw material selenium, and by-products are integrated into the cycle. A variety of measures are taken to keep emissions as low as possible and ensure excellent production safety. In recent years, the wastewater treatment processes have been optimized, successfully reducing the selenium load discharged into the Pegnitz River. Through technical and financial investments, the site also ensures the protection and remediation of existing contaminated sites.

Measures implemented in environmental protection (milestones)
Processing of by-products from wastewater treatment within the Group
  • Reduction of waste and reduction of emissions to water
  • Recovery of selenium as a valuable raw material
Current environmental goals and measures
Reduction of energy consumption

Degree of implementation/next steps:

  •  Save energy through modern lighting systems
  • Identify further savings potentials
Group internal reprocessing of filter dusts and slags

Degree of implementation/next steps:

  • Technical review
  • Pilot testing in April 2024
Grit Monse
Grit Monse

Leiterin Qualitätskontrolle, Retorte GmbH

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