Environmental protection at Aurubis Finland Oy, Pori site

The Aurubis Finland production site is located in western Finland in Pori on the Kokemäenjoki River. The copper foundry and rolling mill are in a copper industrial park where other companies working with copper are located. The area of the site is about 78,000 m².

The rolling mill in Pori is a state-of-the-art hot and cold rolling mill, and it is fully integrated from casting to finishing. In 2022, our 290 employees produced 38,100 t of strip, sheet, plate, and circles as well as 54,400 t of shapes, of which more than half was for internal use. The selection of high-quality products covers a wide range of copper and copper alloys. Copper scrap is the main input for production; recycling materials account for around 75 % of the raw materials used in the foundry. The waste heat that arises in the foundry is sold to the local power plant Pori Energia. The waste heat produced during the hot rolling process is reused to preheat combustion air during processing. Emissions of dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are reduced to a minimum using afterburning and filters in the foundry. Cooling water in the smelting process circulates in a closed system. Process water from the closed mill loops is treated by an external service company. Copper and oil residues are separated from cooling water and some process water. In 2022, more than € 300,000 was invested in measures to improve our environmental performance. 

Environmental Protection - facts & figures
Air emissions

At the beginning of January 2013, a project to improve the degree of filter house utilization started and improved the degree of utilization about 5 % during 2013. The metal emissions in exhaust gases have significantly decreased over the years.

Metal emissions to air (Cu/Zn/Pb) in g/t of copper products sold

Energy consumption

Total specific energy consumption in MWh/t Cu of copper products sold decreased during 2018 because of more effective energy consumption. Propane consumption decreased although production increased during 2018.

Total specific energy consumption in MWh/t Cu of copper products sold

Environmental measures that have been implemented (“Milestones”)
Air emissions
  • Automatic Environmental online reporting to monitor smoke gas cleaning, after burner and heat recovery data

  • Target: Filter House in use more than 98% 

  • Implemented on target in 2022 

Water emissions
  • Copper: Replacement investment in picking line with new closed system to avoid Cu emissions to wastewater (Implementation Dec 2022 – Jan 2023) 
  • Copper: Renewal of wastewater measurement to avoid Cu emissions to the river.  
Current important environmental targets and measures
Air emissions

New filters in filter house


  • October 2020


  • In the planning stage
Water emissions
  • Replacement investment in pickling line 
  • More pH measurements in rolling mill 
  • Target: Cu emission below 0,5 mg/l 

Implementation stage:

  • On target 
  • 2023 ongoing 
Waste management

New color-coded waste bins for paper and energy waste in rolling mill 


  • 2022


  • Implemented 

Extend emulsion usage time at cold rolling


  • January 2023 


  • in progress
  1. Heating system repairs and adjustment repairs at the rolling mill. Investigations of the heat recovery (2023 ongoing)
  2. Reduction of propane consumption: pre-heating furnace, change of heating program (implemented 2022)
  3. Changing the energy monitoring system, improving the visibility of consumption data and planning machine-specific savings (in progress 2023)
  4. Reduction of diesel consumption: replacing diesel forklifts with electric forklifts (2023 ongoing)
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