Food & Energy plant in Potchefstroom (South Africa)

In South Africa, Aurubis is supporting a Food & Energy plant in Potchefstroom. It focuses on fighting malnutrition, providing training in sustainable, ecologically sound agriculture, and using resource-efficient, innovative technologies.

A distance of 150 km away from Johannesburg, the nonprofit organization F.E.E.D. operates a Food & Energy plant to support the fight against malnutrition in the region and to convey the importance of a balanced diet. Young people and adults are educated in sustainable, ecologically sound agriculture. Furthermore, training is provided in the use of resource-efficient, innovative technologies (such as solar plants) for the purpose of self-sufficiency to empower participants to become independent entrepreneurs. Neighboring schools and daycares and the families that attend them are supplied with porridge from the Food & Energy plant, where the oats are grown. In this way, children are provided with healthy, locally produced “Vitality Porridge” rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Aurubis supports the organization’s goals of promoting healthy nutrition among the population and supporting economic development in the region while protecting natural resources at the same time.