Sulfuric Acid

With an output of more than 2 million t, Aurubis is one of the largest producers and an important supplier to the global market.

Aurubis sulfuric acid is produced in our plants in Hamburg, Germany and Pirdop, Bulgaria. In Hamburg we also produce oleum with a strength of approx. 25 % free SO 3.

Sulfuric acid is used in almost all industrial sectors. Typical areas of application are in the production of fertilizers and pigments as well as metal ore leaching. In addition, sulfuric acid is used extensively in the chemical industry, whether in fiber production, hydrofluoric acid production, chlorine drying or one of many other applications.

Our customers appreciate our remarkably high degree of supply security.

Because our production plants are equipped with extensive cleaning facilities, our products are regarded as being among the best available qualities.For particularly quality-conscious customers who specifically require low mercury levels, our premium quality produced at our Hamburg plant with the use of additional cleaning processes is a very attractive option.

Aurubis produces all sulfuric acid qualities with strengths between 94 % and 98 % H2SO4, typically approx. 96 % H2SO4. You can find further specifications here:

Sulfuric Acid Specifications
Ash content < 50 ppm
H 2SO 4 96.0 % +/- 0.5 %
Appearance clear
Color < 40 Hazen (typically 25)
Hg (Premium) <0.1 ppm (typically 0.05 ppm)
Hg (Standard) <0.5 ppm (typically 0.25 ppm)
Fe <25 ppm (typically <15 ppm)
Ni <1 ppm
Cr <1.5 ppm
Mn <0.3 ppm
SO 2 <30 ppm
Cl <2 ppm
F - (Premium) <2 ppm (typically 1 ppm)
F - (Standard) <5 ppm
Nx Oy expressed as N <5 ppm
As <0.2 ppm (typically 0.1 ppm)
Cd <0.02 ppm
Pb 0.3 ppm

The data in these specifications do not constitute guaranteed features in the legal sense.


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