Reporting, KPIs, and ESG ratings

We make our sustainability achievements transparent and comparable.

We make our sustainability performance transparent in a variety of ways. We publish a Non-Financial Report for the Group within the Annual Report and release a Sustainability Report guided by the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) every two years. In the years without a Sustainability Report, the KPIs are updated and released separately in consolidated form.

We actively participate in influential ESG ratings. An overview of our current results is featured below. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us!

Current reports
Non-Financial Report
Sustainability Report
UN Global Compact CoP
Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statements
CDP Climate Change Questionnaire
CDP Water Security Questionnaire
Environmental Report and EMAS Environmental Statement



  • Score: 78/100 (2023)
  • Aurubis is in the top 1 % of rated companies
  • Strong GHG management system 


  • AA Rating since  2016


  • Result CDP Climate Change Questionnaire 2023: A-
  • Result CDP Water Security Questionnaire 2023: B
  • Result CDP Supplier Engagement Rating Report 2023: B-
  • Aurubis has disclosed CDP Climate Questionnaire since 2015 and CDP Water Security since 2021



  • Management score: 70,3/100 (Strong) (2024)

  • Ranked 4th of 207 in the industry (2024)


  • Prime Status since 2012

  • Rating B (2023)

VigeoEiris (VE)

  • Score: 70/100 (2023)
  • Performance Level: Advanced (2023)
  • Ranked 5th of 44 in the industry (2021)
  • Goods and Services contributing to Sustainable Development Category: Significant (2023)

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