Our Environmental Policy – Company Guidelines on Environmental Protection

In order to ensure that our environmental protection standards are safeguarded throughout the Group and continuously optimized, we have established the following principles as our company guidelines:

  • The continuous improvement of the environmental performance, in particular of water pollution control, soil protection, and immission control, is a key target of the Environmental Protection division.

  • For reasons of accountability, environmental and climate protection should be developed in such a way as to conserve natural resources and avoid or minimize strain on the environment and our employees.

  • Issues of environmental protection should be taken into account equally in the planning and development of new products and production processes.

  • Processed raw materials and intermediate products should be brought into the economic cycle as completely as possible, and unavoidable waste should be properly recycled or harmlessly disposed of. Raw material suppliers are advised on issues related to environmental protection if needed.

  • Technical and organizational measures to avoid accidents and operational disruptions are in place to prevent or minimize environmental hazards for our employees and neighbours, as well as effects on the environment.
  • Our employees’ sense of responsibility in environmental protection should be strengthened, and objective, open, and respectful dialogue should take place with them, the relevant authorities, and the public.
  • Our customers are appropriately informed about the features of our products and necessary safety measures and are advised on questions related to product disposal.
  • Contractors working for us must be selected, informed, and advised in such a way as to ensure that laws and our environmental protection standards are observed.
  • ​​​​​​​Compliance with legal regulations is the basis and minimum standard of our activities. Ongoing improvement in environmental protection is enshrined in our corporate strategy and is one of our key responsibilities.


The integrated management system (IMS) for the environment, energy, quality management, and occupational health and safety

In 2017, an integrated management system (IMS) was developed for Aurubis AG for the areas of environment, energy, quality management, and occupational health and safety, with the first three areas certified that same year. The IMS utilizes synergies, harmonizes processes, and improves management in these areas.

With the involvement of employees, plant managers/managing directors, and the Executive Board, uniform environmental protection standards were developed, established in a corporate policy, and implemented across the Group as part of the environmental management system (ISO 14001 or EMAS).

The annual external audit in the scope of the certifications offers us the opportunity to have the successful environmental protection measures confirmed by an independent third party and to recognize additional potential for improvement.

Site certifications
Site EMAS ISO 14001 ISO 50001 ISO 9001 IATF 16949 EfbV ISO 45001
Production sites              
Hamburg, Zentrale (DE) x x x x     x
Lünen (DE)1 x x x x   x x
Olen (BE)   x x x     x
Pirdop (BG)   x   x     x
Avellino (IT) x x   x     x
Beerse (BE)    x x2 x      
Berango (ES)   x   x     x
Buffalo (USA)       x x    
Emmerich, Deutsche Giessdraht (DE)   x x x     x
Fehrbellin, Cablo GmbH (DE)3   x x x   x  
Hamburg, E. R. N. (DE)   x x x   x x
Hamburg, Peute Baustoff (DE)       x4     x
Pori (FI)   x x x     x
Röthenbach, RETORTE (DE)       x     x
Stolberg (DE)     x x x    
Stolberg, Schwermetall Halbzeugwerk (DE)5 x x x x     x
Zutphen (NL)   x   x x    
Slitting centers              
Dolný Kubín (SK)   x   x     x
Mortara (IT)       x     x
Smethwick / Birmingham (UK)       x      

1 For the sale of iron silicate granules used to produce blasting abrasives.
2 Not majority-owned by Aurubis (50 % stake).


  • EMAS: system of specifications for environmental management systems and environmental audits
  • ISO 14001: standard for environmental management systems
  • ISO 50001: standard for energy management systems
  • ISO 45001: standard for occupational safety management systems
  • ISO 9001: standard for quality management systems
  • IATF 16949: standard for quality management systems in the automotive industry, based on ISO 9001
  • EfbV: Ordinance on Specialized Waste Management Companies (German certificate)
Karin Hinrichs-Petersen
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Head of Environmental Protection

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