Dialogue and collaboration

Aurubis assumes responsibility for its business activities. Our Sustainability Strategy focuses on the balance of “Economy – Environment – People”.

Communicating with stakeholders is very important to us. We engage in an open and transparent dialogue with employees, customers, suppliers, policymakers and governmental authorities, capital market participants, the media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the scientific community, and interested members of the public. We regularly discuss topics relevant to sustainability, for example raw material recovery along the value chain, the development of resource-efficient production processes,
company environmental protection at our sites, and our contribution to the circular economy. At the same time, we identify social trends, political developments, internal and external risks, and potential
for our business early on in these discussions.

We engage in objective, trusting, and open dialogue, and have been involved for many years in a number of national and international initiatives and projects on sustainability issues such as climate and
environmental protection, labor standards, human rights, and the fight against corruption. For example, these include:

  • B.A.U.M. – German Association of Environmental Management
  • CDP
  • DCGK – German Corporate Governance Code
  • IG BCE – Equality Charter of the Mining, Chemical, and Energy Industrial Union
  • The Copper Mark
  • UNGC – United Nations Global Compact, with involvement in the local networks in Germany and Bulgaria
  • Responsible Care – as a member of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), we take part in the chemical industry’s sustainability initiative

We are also interested in dialogue in the political sphere. Through our Group representative offices in Berlin and Brussels, we find out early on about new legislative proceedings and other initiatives that could decisively influence our work. Our employees on site therefore serve as contacts for actors in the European Commission, the European Parliament, the German Bundestag, the German federal ministries, and German federal state offices. We are politically neutral in the process, and communicate with all parties that are part of the democratic system and that don’t hold discriminatory or bigoted views.

We carry out our lobbying activities with the greatest level of transparency possible. Aurubis is included in the European Union’s Transparency Register and publishes data regarding its expenditures for lobbying at European level. As part of an initiative of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) to increase transparency in lobbying, Aurubis advocates for the introduction of a national lobbying transparency law in Germany.

Angela Seidler
Angela Seidler

Vice President Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

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Christian Hein
Christian Hein

Head of Sustainability

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Marie-Christine von Hahn

Vice President Corporate External Affairs

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Michaela Juschkus
Michaela Juschkus

Head of Event Management & Social Engagement

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Karin Hinrichs-Petersen
Dr. Karin Hinrichs-Petersen

Head of Environmental Protection

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