Your Contacts

The contacts for Corporate Communications and External Affairs are listed below. This division pools all of Aurubis' communication activities towards the media, the public and policymakers and includes the topics of sustainability, event management and sponsoring.

Corporate Communications

The Public Relations team is your link to Aurubis. We always share the latest Aurubis news with journalists and the public. If you have any questions about the company and our business, please let us know. Your contacts on the communications team:

Malte Blombach
Senior Communications Manager
Tel.:  +49 40 7883-3037




External Affairs

Aurubis is involved in a number of national and international associations, committees and projects. Would you like to learn more about our political work? Contact our representative offices in Brussels and Berlin:

Marie-Christine von Hahn
Head of Group Representative Office Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 880 602 -301 


Rolf Kuby
Head of Group Representative Office Brüssel
Tel.: +32 2 227 1229


Team Assistant Corporate Communications and External Affairs


Niklas Rolle
Team Assistant Corporate Communications and External Affairs
Tel.: +49 40 7883-2210





Sustainable conduct and economic activities are among the central components of Aurubis' company strategy. If you would like to learn more about what this signifies to Aurubis, feel free to contact us:


Kirsten Kück
Head of Sustainability
Tel.: +49 40 7883-3270




Event & Sponsoring

Our team oversees the communication of the company’s messages internally and externally with corporate events – from management conferences to the annual general meeting for shareholders. The goal of the sponsoring division is to emphasize our social commitment in sustainable regional and group-wide projects. Do you have any questions about our events or would you like to present a project to us? We look forward to hearing from you:

Michaela Juschkus
Head of Event Management
Tel.:  +49 40 7883-3258


Simone Tasche
Tel.: +49 40 7883-3224