Sodium selenate powder Na2SeO4 as a feed additive

Our sodium selenate as a powder for use in feeds is characterized by consistently high quality and low iron contents. Every batch undergoes extensive quality control in our in-house laboratory at the Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz site.

We offer sodium selenate powder as a standard for the feed sector with a purity grade of at least 98 %.

Detailed information

Selenium content

41 – 42 %

Purity grade

min. 98 %

Bulk density

1.3 – 1.5 kg/l


white, crystaline powder




25 kg steel drum with locking rings and plastic linter



Other purity grades and packaging units available upon request. We would be happy to discuss your individual customized product needs.

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Sodium selenate powder as a raw material for the feed industry

Even with today’s vegetarian and vegan diets, many people still appreciate and enjoy eating meat. The quality and nutritional value of  any kind of meat depends on how the respective animal was fed and raised. So steak from grass-fed cattle tastes very different than that from a factory farm, and the marbling of a pork collar from a free-range pig is different from that of a pig that was hardly allowed to move around.

The composition of the feed plays a large role for the animals we raise, whether for livestock intended for food production or for a racehorse. Selenium is an important trace element naturally found in soil, in water, and in some foods. In Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz, we process selenium until it meets our exceptionally high quality standards for use as a feed additive for animals.

Selenium is contained in a variety of biomolecules in the body and plays a key role in diverse metabolic processes. A deficiency can have far-reaching consequences.

It can result in fertility issues and growth problems. Young animals in particular run the risk of developing nutritional muscular dystrophy from a deficiency.

Since typical animal fodder like green plants and corn contain very little selenium, it is added to animal feed as sodium selenate, a form with good bioavailability, to prevent deficiencies.

We offer a wide range of premix products with a variety of selenium contents and optionally with iodine as well. We are also happy to make individual mixes upon request. Our customers are animal feed manufacturers who remix our Retosel and Retojo products before selling them to final consumers like agricultural holdings and stud farms.

Our products are distributed worldwide – so there is an excellent chance you have eaten meat from an animal raised on our high-quality Röthenbach products.



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