Aurubis doesn't only produce copper and copper products but also precious metals like silver as granules and bars.

Production process for silver granules and bars

By casting the silver melt through a stainless steel sieve, the casting stream is separated and cooled abruptly in a turbulent water quench. Small silver balls are formed, called fine silver granules. These are dried and packaged for shipment in the containers requested by the customer. Fine silver can also be cast into bars.

Silver is only sold to commercial users/consumers. VAT is invoiced in the reverse charge procedure in accordance with Section 13b of the German Value Added Tax Act (UStG).

Silver Granules and Silver Bars

AURUBIS fine silver granules 99.99 % Ag
AURUBIS fine silver bars 99.9 % Ag

Ø 1 -10 mm granules
Good Delivery Bars approx. 1,000 oz

Specification ASTM B 413 – 97
Bi Cu Fe Pb Pd Se Te
0.005% 0.0010% 0.001% 0.001% 0.001% 0.0005% 0.0005%
Dimensions of silver bars    
Length Top surface 345 mm Bottom surface 316 mm
Width Top surface 120 mm Bottom surface 86 mm
Height 85 mm
Weight 23.3276 – 31.1035 kg

 * all dimensions approximate

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