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Force majeure: Production at Aurubis Stolberg GmbH & Co. KG has to be stopped due to flooding  

Stolberg/ Hamburg | Friday, July 16, 2021

  • Early Wednesday evening, July 14, 2021, production at Aurubis Stolberg GmbH & Co. KG had to be stopped due to severe weather impacts.
  • The plant was evacuated.
  • No employees were injured.

In the early afternoon, it was already apparent that the situation was going to escalate, since strong rains had led to flooding in the entire valley where the Aurubis plant is located. The surrounding access roads and the entire downtown area nearby were flooded, in some cases washed away, and strongly impacted overall.

An initial damage assessment clearly indicates that the flooding has permanently affected the entire company premises and that restarting operations will require considerable efforts. Aurubis assumes that the damages are covered by the relevant insurance.

To Aurubis’ deepest regret, the company currently cannot ensure the fulfillment of its delivery obligations, nor can it assess at the moment when production can restart.

Aurubis Stolberg has to declare force majeure. This means that delivery to customers and acceptance of incoming deliveries are impossible right now.

“The impacts of the severe weather on our plant in Stolberg are a shock to all of us,” said Aurubis CEO Roland Harings.

We are very relieved that all of the employees are safe, and we express our thanks to those who are actively helping on site. We will do everything to rebuild the plant and to restart production as fast as possible.

Aurubis Stolberg is one of the leading European manufacturers of semi-finished products made of copper and copper alloys. About 400 employees produce high-precision strip and wire for industrial applications (electrical, electronics, automotive, engineering) from copper products on the global market. In the plant’s own foundry, brass alloys are produced for wire manufacturing, as well as bronze and specialty alloys for pre-rolled strip.

Aurubis Stolberg is part of the reporting segment Flat Rolled Products (FRP). Revenues in the last fiscal year (2019/20) were € 228 million (Aurubis Group: € 12.4 billion). The 2019/20 IFRS annual result was € 6.9 million (Aurubis Group IFRS annual result: € 265 million).

Schwermetall Halbzeugwerk GmbH & Co. KG (50 % Aurubis AG) in Stolberg is not affected by the flooding because the site is located at a higher altitude. 

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