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Aurubis honored as Best Newcomer Germany in the Carbon Disclosure Project

Hamburg | Thursday, November 5, 2015

Aurubis AG was honored by the investor initiative “Carbon Disclosure Project” (CDP) as the Best Newcomer Germany on Wednesday evening in Bonn.

Aurubis is very pleased about this excellent result. It shows us once again that we successfully address the topics of CO 2 reduction, energy efficiency and resource efficiency and that these efforts are recognized. Based on our Sustainability Strategy and a responsible approach to the challenges of climate change, this distinction is not only proof of our innovation capability but also a motivation to continue tackling these issues if we want to sustainably and successfully manage our business,

explained Erwin Faust, Executive Board Spokesman of Aurubis AG.

 “CDP congratulates Aurubis AG on its distinction as ‘Best Newcomer Germany’ and on achieving the CDP Climate Score 98 C. Aurubis AG thus demonstrates a successful start in the transparency of its climate activities towards investors and the public and the willingness to make the corporate strategy and goals climate-compatible,” said Susan Dreyer, Director DACH Region of CDP.

Ulf Gehrckens, Senior Vice President Corporate Energy & Climate Affairs, accepted the honor of Best Newcomer Germany for Aurubis.

Best Newcomers are companies with the highest disclosure score of all newcomers per country. Climate disclosure scoring indicates the completeness of the reporting and therefore serves as an indicator for the usefulness of the data. At the same time, it reflects the transparency of a company in climate change issues without making statements about the company’s performance. Between 0 and 100 points can be achieved, with 100 points representing full transparency.

Aurubis will be surveyed by the CDP and report the company’s progress again in the coming year. However, Aurubis is reaching its process-related limits when it comes to increases in efficiency. Concretely, there is a conflict between the targets of further improving energy efficiency and making progress in environmental protection and resource conservation. For example, environmental protection measures account for a growing proportion of electricity consumption. Furthermore, the use of complex recycling raw materials with comparably low copper contents is increasing, which means a higher energy demand in relation to the copper output. A volatile production process is also desired in order to utilize renewable energies better, which tends to reduce energy efficiency. Nevertheless, Aurubis continues to work intensively on optimally aligning environmental protection and resource/energy efficiency.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) was founded in London in 2000 and is by its own account the largest organization with the goal of pushing climate protection forward in organizations worldwide. On behalf of its members, the CDP surveys thousands of the largest exchange-listed companies on their emissions and climate protection strategies annually. A good performance is important from investors’ perspective in particular, as the project is supported by 822 institutional investors that manage assets of more than US$ 95 billion. Some of these investors are already key for Aurubis. The strategic partners of the CDP in Germany are the environmental organization WWF and the auditing firm KPMG. Initiatives that survey companies about risks and opportunities related to the climate and CO 2 reduction potential are also becoming more important for customers for building and maintaining business relationships.



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