Recruitment Fraud Alert

It has come to Aurubis' attention that fraudsters are misusing our reputation and identity for their own illegal purposes. One common method of identity theft is the posting of fake job offers.  

These are posted by fraudsters to steal sensitive personal information or money. They pretend to be Aurubis and use the Aurubis brand, the Aurubis logo and contact data of Aurubis employees to give the impression that it is a legitimate job offer. These individuals have no official connection to Aurubis, however.

Aurubis is aware of the importance of protecting the data of both our customers and our employees. For this reason, we would like to point out to all applicants that they should be cautious when they receive job offers from us or other companies. 

Warning signs

There are several signs to look for in order to spot fraud: 

  • Misspellings, punctuation mistakes or grammatical errors 
  • Requests to provide irrelevant personal data, e.g., your passport number, your bank account details or your social security number. 
  • Requests for payment, e.g., for "visa fees", taxes or fees for internships
  • The use of a free email account instead of a business email address 
  • If questions you ask can't be answered or anwers seem very vague 
  • Fake URLs:  If the URL begins with http:// then it isn’t secure. Only https:// sites are secure.
  • Instantly offering to hire you without an interview
  • We do not conduct job interviews via chat, only in an online call or a personal interview.

If you've encountered any of these situations, we strongly recommend that you don't respond, don't click any links, and don't give out any personal information. If you're unsure whether a message is from Aurubis, please check the contact information on our website, our job market or contact us here.

If you're interested in working for Aurubis, we'd love to hear from you. Explore our job opportunities here.