Capital Market Day

At our Capital Market Days, we inform analysts and investors about the Aurubis strategy and provide an update on key markets and business areas.

Capital Market Day 2023

Capital Market Day 2023 took place on June 13, 2023 in London ("hybrid format").


1. Überblick Strategie

Roland Harings

Chief Executive Officer

2. Umsetzung Strategie & Erfolge



- Aurubis Smelter Network Inge Hofkens Chief Operations Officer Multimetal Recycling
- Aurubis Richmond David Schultheis Designated Managing Director /
President Aurubis Richmond
- Complex Recycling Hamburg (CRH) Dr. Jürgen Jestrabek CRH Project Lead
- Tankhouse Pirdop Dr. Thomas Sturm Senior Vice President Corporate Development

3. Q&A Runde



4. Nachhaltigkeit



- Nachhaltigkeitsziele und -initiativen Christian Hein Head of Sustainability
- Dekarbonisierungsprojekte Roland Harings Chief Executive Officer

5. Battery recycling

Ken Nagayama

Head of Business Development Battery Materials

6. Finanzen

Rainer Verhoeven

Chief Financial Officer

7. Q&A Runde



8. Ausblick

Roland Harings

Chief Executive Officer