Specialty Wire and Bars

In addition to round, square, (and) hexagonal wires and-bars with a broad range of dimensions, Aurubis manufactures a large selection of special profiles for processors of sophisticated precision parts.

Customers benefit from a diverse portfolio of alloys and dimensions of drawn products from Aurubis. Delivery options on spools, in drums, as packaged coils or ring material provide a large selection of coil types and processing weights.

Blue Brass®: Lead-free. Machinable. Conductive.

Under the BlueBrass® brand name, Aurubis Stolberg is developing an alloy family that excellently combines the current standards in terms of machinability and cost-effectiveness with the increasing demand for lead-free products.

All alloys in the BlueBrass® family meet the requirements of the EU directives on lead-free products. All BlueBrass® alloys are individually adapted to the customer's product and process requirements. BlueBrass® is available as semi-finished strip and wire, as well as in rod format.

  • Automotive sector, Electrical industry, Consumer industry, Sanitay

In addition to its strength, this alloy’s formability is much higher than brass alloys containing lead, to an extent that was previously only possible with lead-free alloys with poor machinability.

Dimensions Wire:
  • 2-15 mm diameter
Dimensions Bars:
  • 2-65 mm diameter
Coil weights:
  • Up to 1,500 kg
BlueBrass Alloys (all EU RoHS compliant without exemption)
Alloy Data Sheets Stolberg Automotive Recommended application areas
Electrical engineering

Watch-, jewellery- and

accessories industry

General mechanical engineering
CuZn42 DE/EN PNA277 x x   x
CuZn42ln0,1 DE/EN PNA279 x x   x
CuZn42ln0,01 DE/EN PNA378 x x x x
CuZn42Pb0,01 DE/EN PNA380 x x x x
CuZn42In0.5Pb0.01 DE/EN PNA381 x x x x
CuZn42ln0,2Pb0,01  DE/EN PNA379 x x x x
CuZn40 DE/EN PNA311 x x   x
CuZn39ln0,2 DE/EN PNA377 x x   x
CuZn37ln0,2 DE/EN PNA376 x x   x
CuZn37ln0,2Pb0,01  DE/EN PNA375 x x x x
CuZn30 DE/EN PNA374     x  

All alloys are available in wire, bar and strip format.

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