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Electrical engineering

Watch-, jewellery- and

accessories industry

General mechanical engineering
CuZn42 DE/EN PNA277 x x   x
CuZn42ln0,1 DE/EN PNA279 x x   x
CuZn42ln0,01 DE/EN PNA378 x x x x
CuZn42Pb0,01 DE/EN PNA380 x x x x
CuZn42ln0,2Pb0,01  DE/EN PNA379 x x x x
CuZn40 DE/EN PNA311 x x   x
CuZn39ln0,2 DE/EN PNA377 x x   x
CuZn37ln0,2 DE/EN PNA376 x x   x
CuZn37ln0,2Pb0,01  DE/EN PNA375 x x x x
CuZn30 DE/EN PNA374     x  

All alloys are available in wire, bar and strip format.