Rolling Products

More than 98 % of global strip demand is covered by our alloy portfolio.

ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Buffalo Pori Stolberg  Zutphen
CU-OFE (OF-Cu) DE / EN US C10100 CW009A C1011 C101 CU-OFE PNA 203  
CU-OF DE / EN / US C10200 CW008A C1020 C102 Cu-OF    
Cu-PHC  (SE-Cu-58) DE / EN / US C10300 CW020A   C103 Cu-XLP PNA 209  SM0011
Cu-HCP (SE-Cu-57) DE / EN C10300 CW021A   C103 Cu-HCP PNA 210 SM0013
Cu-ETP (E-Cu) DE / EN / US C11000 CW004A C1100 C110 Cu-ETP PNA 211  
Cu-DLP DE / EN / US C12000 CW023A C1201 C120 Cu-DLP PNA 220  
Cu-DHP (SF-Cu) DE / EN / US C12200 CW024A C1221 C122 Cu-DHP PNA 219 SM 0028
CuTe0.02Sn0.02 DE / EN / US C14530     C1453     SM0300
CuSn0.15 DE / EN / US C14415 CW117C   C14415 CuSn0.15 PNA 216 SM0702
CuFe0.1P DE / EN / US C19210     KFC*   PNA 214  
CuZn0.5 DE / EN   CW119C   CuZn0.5   PNA 218  
ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Buffalo Pori Stolberg Zutphen
CuZn5 DE / EN / US C21000 CW500L C2100 C210   PNA 221 SM1095
CuZn10 DE / EN / US C22000 CW501L C2200 C220   PNA 222 SM1090
CuZn15 DE / EN / US C23000 CW502L C2300 C230   PNA 223 SM1085
CuZn30 DE / EN / US C26000 CW505L C2600 C260   PNA 226 SM1070
CuZn33 DE / EN / US C26800 CW506L C2680     PNA 227 SM1067
CuZn36 DE / EN C27000 CW507L   C270   PNA 248 SM1064
CuZn37 DE / EN / US C27200 CW508L C2720 C272/C274 PNA 243 SM1063
CuZn42 (BlueBrass) DE / EN           PNA 378  
ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Buffalo Pori Stolberg  Zutphen
CuSn2Fe0.1P0.03 DE / EN / US C50715     KLF-5*   PNA 328  
CuSn4 DE / EN / US C51100 CW450K C5111 C511   PNA 284  
CuSn5 DE / EN / US C51000 CW451K C5102 C510   PNA 285  
CuSn6 DE / EN / US C51900 CW452K C5191 C519   PNA 282  
CuSn8 DE / EN / US C52100 CW453K   C521   PNA 283  
ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Buffalo Pori Stolberg  Zutphen
CuZr0.1 DE / EN / US C15100     C151   PNA 296  
CuMg0.1 DE / EN / US C15500     C155   PNA 297  
CuCrZr DE / EN C18150         PNA 372  
CuNi1.5Si DE / EN / US C19010     7036   PNA 290  
CuNiSi DE / EN C19005         PNA 326  
CuFe2P DE / EN / US C19400 CW107C C1940 C194   PNA 212  
CuFe2PMg DE / EN C19400     194M   PNA 206  
CuFe0.7MgP DE / EN / US C19700     C197   PNA 205  
CuSn1.2Ni0.8P0.07 DE / EN / US C19040     CAC5*      
CuZn9.5Sn2 US C42500   C4250 C425*      
CuNi1.8Si0.4Zn1.1Sn0.1Mg0.01 DE / EN / US C64760     CAC60*      
CuNi3SiMg DE / EN / US C70250     C7025   PNA 370  
CuNi2Si0.4 DE / EN / US C70260 CW111C   C7026*      

Aurubis also supplies slightly modified alloys with special properties, e.g. in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and US Federal Regulations
 * available in US

Specialty Wire
Alloys (all EU RoHS compliant without exemption)
Alloy Data Sheets Stolberg Automotive Recommended application areas
Electrical engineering

Watch-, jewellery- and

accessories industry

General mechanical engineering
CuZn42 DE/EN PNA277 x x   x
CuZn42ln0,1 DE/EN PNA279 x x   x
CuZn42ln0,01 DE/EN PNA378 x x x x
CuZn42Pb0,01 DE/EN PNA380 x x x x
CuZn42ln0,2Pb0,01  DE/EN PNA379 x x x x
CuZn40 DE/EN PNA311 x x   x
CuZn39ln0,2 DE/EN PNA377 x x   x
CuZn37ln0,2 DE/EN PNA376 x x   x
CuZn37ln0,2Pb0,01  DE/EN PNA375 x x x x
CuZn30 DE/EN PNA374     x  

All alloys are available in wire, bar and strip format.