Press Release

The stars are closest when you're at the top of the mountain

Bulgaria | Tuesday, November 8, 2022

  • The second module of the Summer School organized by "Aurubis Bulgaria" for the children of the company's employees has finished

The Summer School program this year was full of activities for the children of the employees. A special three-day hiking in the Balkan mountain was organized for the oldest of the attendees in the last week of July. The bravest and the best physically prepared children successfully overcame the challenge by starting from the village of Chelopech and climbing up to the first stop on the route, the Kashana hut. Starting from there on the second day, they walked along the ridge of the Balkan, reached Svishti plaz peak and spent the night in the hut at its foothills carrying the same name. To make the experience even more interesting and memorable for the children, there was a lecture organized for them at the Svishti Plaz hut with a special guest - the teacher and astronomer Ivo Jokin, who shared with them interesting facts about Space. The stars are closest when you are on top of the mountain. After the trip up, the third day was dedicated to descend back to the town of Zlatitsa, where the children felt the sweet tiredness and satisfaction of accomplished a really significant goal. 

For the end of the Summer School this year, a closing event was organized in the park "Grandfather's Mitten" in Zlatitsa. An outdoor workshop was held for children from the area, recreating some of the Summer School activities. Visitors of the Park had the opportunity to take part in the organized activities for children and parents. These included creative workshops for team paintings and coloring of replicas of the paintings of local artist Georgi Zlatanov. In the workshops, children learned about crafts from the recent past, such as needlework, and had the opportunity to make a handmade piece of jewelry inspired by the medallion of Lady Strangford, a benefactress who became part of the history of the village of Petrich. The literature workshops and outdoor readings were realized with the support of representatives of the library at the Community Centre "Hristo Smirnenski - 1889" - Zlatitsa, who showed the children books with modern 3D images.

A game for young archaeologists was organized under the motto of the summer school "In search of treasures". The event ended with an "astro" party and an outdoor disco for children. 

We would like to thank the team of "Miletiya" Educational Center and personally Mrs. Iliana Serafimova for the wonderful organization, children's smiles and positive emotions!