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"Eat, travel and love Pirdop municipality"

Bulgaria | Monday, May 29, 2023

  • Special STORiO project for culinary and tourism, realised under the initiative of "Aurubis Bulgaria"

"Aurubis Bulgaria has launched a culinary and tourism project, which is a part of the company's long-term social strategy to support the popularization of the region of Srednogorie.

Rene and June, well-known names among culinary lovers, will spend three days in Pirdop and Dusantsi to create and share their stories about what they have seen and experienced. 

The aim of the project is to present the less known but with great potential for interesting leisure time historical, cultural and natural attractions in the municipality of Pirdop. In an attractive and involving way to present the most delicious local dishes, customs, traditions and lifestyle of the people, so as to promote the area as an attractive tourist point near Sofia, worth to be visited.

Rene and June will meet the mayor of the Municipality of Pirdop and will challenge him with interesting questions, they will visit the Elenska Bazilica, together with the locals they will bake the Pirdop Tutmanik, cook bambal with rice and kurban.  And many, many more hidden sights will be shown to the wide audience.

And it will all be available for everyone to see at The video recipes will be posted on a special You Tube playlist.

Ivailo Georgiev
Ivailo Georgiev

Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager

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