Press Release

With the support of Aurubis Bulgaria AD the initiative "FAST HEROES 112" is already in the municipalities of Srednogorie region

Bulgaria | Monday, May 16, 2022

In May, over 600 children from 6 to 9 years old from the municipalities of Pirdop, Zlatitsa, Koprivshtitsa and Anton take part in health education program "FAST HEROES 112". The initiative is implemented with the support of Aurubis Bulgaria. “FAST FEROES” gives children the opportunity to acquire vital skills and knowledge on how to recognize the basic symptoms of a stroke and how to act in case of emergency. 

One in four adults will have a stroke in their lifetime, according to research held by the World Stroke Organization. Bulgaria ranks first in Europe as the country where stroke is the most common cause of people losing a family loved one. However stroke is treatable if it is responded in time.

The FAST HEROES 112 program educates children and uses their natural enthusiasm to share their knowledge at home, to teach everyone in the family how to recognize the symptoms of stroke and to act confidently in the 3 "golden" hours when, if emergency medical help is given, there is a 90% chance the stroke can remain without any consequences.

The program duration is 5 school weeks and is fully age appropriate. It has been developed by specialists in neurocognitive disorders, academics, school educators and child psychologists. During the training, all participating children are challenged with the mission to raise their families' health awareness and thus save their loved ones from the severe effects of stroke.