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In Aurubis Bulgaria 84 children visited the workplace of their parents on the day of the National Enlighteners -1 November

Hamburg | Wednesday, November 1, 2023

  • The Open Doors Day for employees' children is a part of the initiative "I am proud of my parents' work", which is implemented under the auspices of the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact

A total of 84 children, aged between 7 and 14, were welcomed to the company. Marin Ranchev, Head of the Refinery Department, congratulated all of them on the occasion of the Day of the Enlighteners and explained that he and his colleagues would be happy to show them where their parents work.

Employees from the Occupational Health and Safety Department briefed the children on the safety rules to be observed during their visit.

The children, were divided into three groups according to their age. Three locations were prepared which the young guests visited in turn.

During the production tour the children learned that the chimney of "Aurubis Bulgaria" is the highest on the Balkan Peninsula - 325 m, they were able to see the main areas of the plant, then they entered the Refinery, where they had the opportunity to peek into the control room, to understand how copper is refined and to get acquainted with a high-tech production. With an interesting 3D video, colleagues from the Engineering Department presented the new project for the Refinery expansion that will happen in the next 3 years.

At the second station, the children were challenged with the task of assembling a LEGO robot by themselves, which they even managed to drive at the end. We are happy and proud that all the children successfully met the challenge and the hall was filled with agile robots controlled by their skillful hands.

An interesting meeting was also held at the third station, where EiBo - actor, podcast host and incorrigible dreamer - talked about himself and together with the children discussed what their parents do for work, what they dream of, what they want to become when they grow up and why they are proud of their parents.

The children learned that to be successful in your job takes a lot of knowledge, hard work and a desire to get better every day.
The event ended with a group photo and gifts for all the children.

Ivailo Georgiev
Ivailo Georgiev

Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager

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