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More than 6 thousand plants were donated by Aurubis Bulgaria to the municipalities and educational institutions in the Srednogorie region

Bulgaria | Wednesday, May 22, 2024

  • "Aurubis Bulgaria" also provided the cleaning of the street network in Pirdop, Dusantsi and Zlatitsa
  • The donation is part of the long-term program "The Beautiful Srednogorie"

The initiative of "Aurubis Bulgaria" for the realization of projects under the motto "The Beautiful Srednogorie", which has become a tradition, this year delighted the residents of the Srednogorie region with a donation of colorful plants for the municipalities of Pirdop, Zlatitsa and Anton, as well as for the municipal schools and kindergartens in the region. 

The planting material was purchased by "Aurubis Bulgaria" and the employees of the municipalities and the children from the schools and kindergartens gladly and happily planted the beautiful plants.

Japanese cherry trees will provide joy to the residents of Anton municipality. Alleys with beautiful white and red begonias and a multi-coloured art installation with the logos of various companies from the region attract the eye in front of the building of the community centre in the municipality of Pirdop. The square of the village of Dusantsi is again decorated with a palette of flowers.  The municipalities of Zlatitsa, Karlievo, Petrich and Tsarkvishte planted many flowers in different parts of the settlements. Schools and kindergartens enriched their flower gardens. Some put symbolism in the number of flowers - "Todor G. Vlajkov" planted 12 rose bushes for each of the 12 classes in the school. 

"Aurubis Bulgaria" also provided the cleaning of the street network in Pirdop, Dusantsi and Zlatitsa. Over 30,000 meters of street length were washed mechanically with water trucks equipped with high-pressure pumps.
"The Beautiful Srednogorie" is a project of "Aurubis Bulgaria", which aims to improve the living conditions in the Srednogorie region and turn it into a desirable tourist destination.  In this regard, on June 16, the traditional Bicycle Tour will start, with the starting point Gorna Malina and the finishing point Park " Grandpa's Glove", Zlatitsa. 

Floral plants, clean street network, enrichment of the ecological wealth of the Dushanci dam through annual stocking, Bike Tour and other events to promote the area are green initiatives of Aurubis Bulgaria in successful partnership with municipalities, social and business partners of the company. 

Ivailo Georgiev
Ivailo Georgiev

Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager

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