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Over 300 cyclists successfully completed the "Aurubis Srednogorie Bike Tour 2023"

Bulgaria | Saturday, July 8, 2023

  • From Gorna Malina to Grandfather's Glove Park in Zlatitsa, the participants enjoyed the beautiful Srednogorie

On July 8, Saturday, more than 300 cycling enthusiasts successfully completed the 50-kilometer route of the "Aurubis Srednogorie Bike Tour 2023" - from the start in the village of Gorna Malina to the finish in the town of Zlatica. The bike ride, which was organized for the sixth time by Aurubis Bulgaria and the "Runner" and "Cyclist" sports clubs, attracts only sincere enthusiasts of the increasingly popular sport.

This year, the event was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the metallurgical plant of "Aurubis Bulgaria" and to two of its new initiatives: Beautiful Srednogorie and Women 4 Metals. The aim of Beautiful Srednogorie is to promote the region as a tourist destination and a good place to live. The recently announced Women 4 Metals initiative works to bring women into the metals industry with equal rights and career opportunities.

The adventure in the foothills of The Srednogorie for a large part of the participants began at the railway station "Sofia Sever", from where the special Aurubis Bike Train left for the start. The bike ride is not competitive in nature and aims to promote the region, where the mining plant of "Aurubis Bulgaria" is located, as a place for active recreation and tourism, attractive with its picturesque nature and historical sites.

The route passed through the villages of Belopoptsi, Bailovo, Smolsko, Mirkovo and Chelopech to the final destination - the town of Zlatitsa.
The fastest participant was 12-year-old Bozhidar Milenov, who completed the route in 1 hour and 55 minutes. Among the ladies, the first was Maria Rusekova, who was also in the leading ten.

At the finish, the cyclists were welcomed by the Mayor of Zlatitsa Stoyan Genov and Tim Kurt, Executive Ddirector of Aurubis Bulgaria.
"We are glad that cycling enthusiasts have once again embraced our idea of promoting the nature and historical sights of the Srednogorie through active sports," Tim Kurth said. Stoyan Genov congratulated the participants and emphasized the role of Aurubis Bulgaria in the development of the region and communities.

Ivailo Georgiev
Ivailo Georgiev

Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager

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