Press Release

Kindergartens in Zlatitsa and Dushantsi with renewed facilities

Bulgaria | Thursday, September 15, 2022

  • The renovations are funded by Aurubis Bulgaria under the partnership programs with Zlatitsa and Pirdop municipalities

On the First School Day 15th of September, the kindergarten "Sluntse" in Zlatitsa reopened year with a completely renovated roof of the building. 
The energy efficiency project completed last year and the recent repairs will ensure the smooth conduct of the educational activities.

Kindergarten’s affiliate "Peka and Carlo Chokoniani" in Dushantsi village also started the school year with renovated facilities. The windows of the entire building are replaced with energy efficient ones and the interior spaces are renewed.

Over the years, Aurubis Bulgaria has implemented a series of projects related to the improvement of the educational conditions and facilities in Pirdop and Zlatitsa.