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"Aurubis Bike Tour Srednogorie" united the sports lovers for the seventh consecutive year

Bulgaria | Sunday, June 16, 2024

  • The sport challenge is part of the "Beautiful Srednogorie" initiative and the "Sport for Progress" projec

Hundreds of bicyclists successfully completed the over fifty-kilometer route of the tradition "Aurubis Bike Tour Srednogorie", organized by Aurubis Bulgaria and the sports clubs " BEGACH" and " KOLOEZDACH". The enthusiasts departed with the special train "Aurubis Bike Train", which took them to the start of the bike ride in the village of. Gorna Malina. 
The route passed through the villages of Belopoptsi, Baylovo, Smolsko, Mirkovo and Chelopech. The final destination of the participants was in the park " Grandpa's Glove" in the town of Zlatitsa.

The Bike Tour, part of the initiative "The Beautiful Srednogorie" and the project "Sport for Progress" of "Aurubis Bulgaria", is organized for the seventh time in a row and has no competitive character. Its main objective is to promote the region where the copper plant is located.

The fastest participant this year was Maria Rusekova, who overcame the route in 1 hour and 59 minutes. Kaloyan Kirilov, 15, was the first youngster to complete the distance in 2 hours and 51 minutes, and 10-month-old Martin Simeonov was the only baby to cross the finish line with his family.

"I am glad that today we are together here in the park " Grandpa's Glove" in Zlatitsa. Thank you for taking part in the Aurubis Bulgaria bike tour. I wish you success in the future and do continue to play sports," said the Mayor of Zlatitsa, Eng. Lyubomir Tsvetkov. He crossed the finish line together with the CEO of Aurubis Bulgaria Tim Kurth and the chairman of sports clubs "Begach" and "Koloezdach" Vladislav Konstantinov.

"The Aurubis Bike Tour Srednogorie is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the region and to unite around the initiatives we support. I would like to thank everyone who helped this event, which has become a tradition, to be successfully completed for the seventh consecutive time," said Tim Kurth, CEO of Aurubis Bulgaria. Through Beautiful Srednogorie and the Sport for Progress project, we demonstrate our commitment to the development of the region and the people who live there," he added.

The "Beautiful Srednogorie" initiative, together with the "Sport for Progress" project, are part of the recently announced EUR 800 million investment programme of Aurubis Bulgaria, which will be implemented over the next four years and includes the expansion and modernisation of production, as well as an increase in renewable energy capacity.

Ivailo Georgiev
Ivailo Georgiev

Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager

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