Press Release

"Aurubis Srednogorie Bike Tour 2022" gathered nearly 300 enthusiasts

Bulgaria | Sunday, June 26, 2022

With Aurubis Bike Train from Sofia to Gorna Malina and from there along the 55 km route to the park "Grandfather's Mitten" in Zlatitsa, the participants enjoyed the beautiful region of Sredna Gora (Srednogorie)

Nearly 300 cycling enthusiasts successfully overcame the 55-kilometer route of the "Aurubis Srednogorie Velotour 2022" from the start in Gorna Malina to the finish in Zlatitsa on Sunday, June 26. The event was organized by Aurubis Bulgaria AD and the Sports Club "Begach" and has no competitive character.

The aim of the bike tour is to promote the region as a place for recreation and tourism, attractive for its spectacular nature and rich history. The route goes along the centuries-old monastery "Sv. Ilia" in Belopoptsi, Elin Pelin's birth house in Baylovo and "Smolsko" lake. 

A special train, "Aurubis Bike Train", transported the participants and their bicycles from the Central Railway Station in Sofia to Gorna Malina and after the event took them back from Zlatitsa to Sofia. 

The final of Aurubis Srednogorie Bike Ride 2022 was in the completely renovated park "Grandfather's Mitten" in Zlatitsa. The fastest participant, Stanislav Tanev, took the route in 2 hours and 11 minutes. Not long after, Simona Peneva crossed the finish line. The cyclists, among whom there were whole families with children and veterans with decades of cycling experience, were welcomed by Tim Kurth, CEO of Aurubis Bulgaria AD, and Stoyan Genov, Mayor of Zlatitsa.

"Aurubis Bulgaria AD is the largest company in the country and is part of Aurubis AG - an integrated international metals group and the largest copper processor in the world. "Aurubis operates a copper plant near Zlatitsa and Pirdop in the Sredna Gora region. The company plays a structurally decisive role in Bulgaria's economy.