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"Aurubis Bulgaria" together with the municipalities of Pirdop, Zlatitsa, and Anton started the initiative " The Beautiful Srednogorie"

Bulgaria | Wednesday, May 3, 2023

  • The project is part of the company's long-term program to improve the conditions of living in the Srednogorie region and turn it into an attractive tourist area.

"Aurubis Bulgaria" together with the municipalities of Pirdop, Zlatitsa, and Anton started the initiative " The Beautiful Srednogorie". The company provided over 5000 plants.

" The Beautiful Srednogorie " started with the traditional green initiatives, which together with other projects of the company such as " Aurubis Srednogorie Bike Tour " aim to promote the area and attract more tourists.
The planting material was purchased by Aurubis Bulgaria and provided to the towns and villages in the area, as well as to the municipal schools and kindergartens in Pirdop, Zlatitsa, and Anton.  The "Beautiful Srednogorie" included green areas in the municipalities as well as kindergartens and schools - "Peka and Carlo Chokoniani" kindergarten, "Todor Vlaikov" primary school, and "Savovo Savov" secondary school in the town of Pirdop, "Sluntse" kindergarten, "Sv. P. Hilendarski" and "Zlatitsa" High School in the town of Zlatitsa, "St. St. St. Cyril and Methodius" and "Bulgarche" kindergarten in the village of Anton.

The plants were again provided by Simaczek Facility Services.
The company's employees also took part in the " The Beautiful Srednogorie " project and together with the municipalities of Pirdop and Zlatitsa planted the central parts of the towns.

In honour of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the copper plant in the Srednogorie region, Aurubis Bulgaria purchased and donated 65 trees to the municipality of Pirdop, including 5 sequoias, the symbol of the town. On April 22, Tim Kurt, CEO of Aurubis Bulgaria and Angel Gerov, Mayor of the Municipality of Pirdop started the campaign by planting together a Sequoia semprevirens.

"The Beautiful Srednogorie" continued in the municipality of Zlatitsa. In the event on May 3rd, Tim Kurth, CEO of Aurubis Bulgaria together with Stoyan Genov, Mayor of Zlatitsa Municipality planted a tree in one of the gardens in the central part of the town.

Both events were attended by employees of the company and the municipalities.
Over the years and as part of Aurubis Bulgaria's green initiatives, numerous flowers and trees have been planted in the central parts of the municipalities of Pirdop, Zlatitsa, and Anton, the kindergartens and the nearby forests, which today continue to bring joy to the inhabitants and guests of the Sredna Gora region. In 2021 and 2022, the company set up an area for outdoor games, which can be used by all visitors to the Dusantsi Dam. In March, Aurubis Bulgaria conducted its annual stocking of the water facility. 3300 spotted seatrout, 2400 white carp and 4100 grass carp were released into the dam. The stocking material was delivered from the Dam Ogosta, Montana region.

"The Beautiful Srednogorie" is an initiative that "Aurubis Bulgaria" together with the municipalities of Pirdop, Zlatitsa and Anton will continue to develop with additional activities throughout the year.

Ivailo Georgiev
Ivailo Georgiev

Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager

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