Press Release

The incomplete circle between metallurgy and construction: 'Aurubis Bulgaria' as producer of raw material with great potential for the construction industry

Bulgaria | Tuesday, October 18, 2022

  • How metallurgy and construction companies are collaborating for recycling of materials and circular economy. This was discussed by the participants in the panel "Green Buildings, Materials and Technologies" at the international forum "Net Zero: Accelerating the Transition" held in Sofia.

Leading companies from the construction industry and Aurubis Bulgaria discussed the latest technological solutions for the use of industrial additives as raw materials in construction. Dr. Emanuela Manolova, Iron-silicate Business Development Manager at Aurubis Bulgaria, presented to the audience the properties and applications of iron silicate. This is a product obtained after the extraction of copper and related metals from ore concentrates which in Europe and worldwide is used as a raw material in the construction of roads, airport runways, warehouses and infrastructure. Dr. Manolova underlined that closing the metallurgy-construction circle has great potential in Bulgaria, but that appropriate regulatory changes and facilitation are needed.

The other participants in the panel discussion were Rosen Papazov, Executive Director of Holcim Bulgaria and Konstantin Zlatev, Executive Director of GBS-Plovdiv. They agreed that companies from different industries are jointly looking for solutions to recover secondary resources and increase the use of recyclable materials.

The forum "Net Zero: Accelerating the Transition" organized by "Capital Weekly" with the support of "Aurubis Bulgaria" and other leading companies, was held on 18 October 2022 at Sofia Event Center. The aim of the event was to provide a platform for discussions of leading international experts and representatives of business on the challenges of the green transition and circular economy.