Aurubis Bulgaria organised the traditional Health and Safety Week online

Bulgaria | Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Aurubis Bulgaria, in partnership with Multisport, held its traditional campaign under the motto Health and Safety Week.
The ongoing emergency situation made it imperative to adapt to new conditions in our working and private life. It changed our habits, plans and ways to communicate.

Aurubis Bulgaria organized a series of seminars dedicated to physical and mental health from 26 to 28 April 2021.

The campaign was launched with the lecture Eat Healthy, Take Care of the Earth. The participants were introduced to the Zero Waste Ideology, its fundamental principles and its connection to our daily diet. They received useful tips on how to reduce food waste and also how to shop and cook smartly and, at the same time, usefully. The keynote speaker was Ms Blazhka Dimitrova, founder of the Zero Waste Bulgaria Association and owner of the first social cause and zero waste restaurant in this country.

The campaign continued with the lecture entitled Move at Your Workplace. The movement therapist Mr. Zlatin Petkov gave the participants some practical advice on the healthiest positions of the body during the day and the most appropriate movements to alleviate any discomfort in the area of the waist, back, shoulders, neck and legs.

What does “emotional eating” mean, how to recognize and avoid it? That was the topic of the next seminar within the framework of the Health and Safety Week of Aurubis Bulgaria. The participants learned how to maintain a healthy diet so as to feel good and to avoid going into extremes. The keynote speaker was Ms Denitsa Andonova, nutritionist and author of the book Cellular Nutrition with Denie.

On the last day of the campaign focused on the physical and mental health of the staff of Aurubis Bulgaria, the participants joined the seminar on laughter yoga and concentration, memory and coordination techniques.

The instructor Ms Gabriela Danailova presented practices helping the body and mind during the working day. The participants learned how to use breathing techniques and exercises of the hands and fingers to improve their concentration, coordination and memory.

The Safety and Health Week series ended with a lecture by Mr. Ivo Velichkov, psychotherapist with more than 20 years of professional experience. The lecturer talked about the “detoxication of thinking” and gave some useful tips to the participants.

Aurubis Bulgaria has always prioritized the care of its employees. The company believes that such initiatives are of key importance and contribute to reducing risks at the workplace.