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Olen | Monday, June 24, 2024

Meet Siebe! This academic year, he is completing an internship at Aurubis Olen as an Intern Process Technologist in Bars & Profiles.

  • Siebe Caems
  • 22 years old
  • Intern Process Technologist Bars & Profiles
  • Intern at Aurubis Olen this academic year
  • Tell us, Siebe. How did you get an internship at Aurubis Olen?
    Actually, that goes back a few years. Three years ago, I was looking for a summer job, and my uncle, who works here, told me there was a student job available. I did summer work in the garage and in the Bars & Profiles department. Because I already knew the company a bit from that experience, I wanted to do my internship here as a Process Technologist in Bars & Profiles.

  • What does your internship assignment entail?
    My internship assignment as an industrial engineering student is to optimize some machines in Bars & Profiles. These machines consume various utilities, and our goal is to reduce that consumption. The main focus is on compressed air, IPA, and demineralized water. I map out the consumption and investigate where the most losses occur. Then, we address those losses.

  • Can you tell us something about the results of your assignment?
    With the concept I designed, we managed to achieve an 80 to 90% saving in compressed air. We currently blow pure compressed air on the copper, but by drawing in ambient air, we can reduce the compressed air. The compressed air can also be more finely adjusted per profile; for instance, larger profiles need more compressed air than smaller ones. This is a significant improvement compared to using the same amount of compressed air for all profiles.

  • That’s an impressive result, Siebe!
    Thank you! I also think it’s great that we were able to achieve this and that I could contribute to it. During my internship, I could follow up on the project and make adjustments. For me, the biggest motivation is creating something that works and brings about a positive change in the company.

  • Are there certain skills a Process Technologist should master well?
    You especially need to be able to work independently and think solution-oriented. Or as we say here in the Kempen: “be a problem solver.” Additionally, communication is very important. You come into contact with various people, such as operators, external partners, and colleagues from other departments.

  • What are your plans after you graduate?
    I definitely see myself in a role as a Process Technologist at Aurubis Olen (winks). After my studies, I want to close the chapter as a student and start a new one: the real working life. Maybe I'll take some evening classes as well. We’ll see!

  • Why would you recommend an internship at Aurubis Olen?
    If you want to learn a lot and are looking for a nice balance between independence and support, I can only recommend Aurubis Olen. You get your own project where they don’t hold your hand, but you do have colleagues to fall back on if you encounter any issues. At Aurubis Olen, you get the space to grow and develop yourself while contributing to innovative and sustainable solutions.

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