Continuous Cast Copper Wire Rod – Aurubis ROD and RheinROD

Aurubis ROD | RheinROD is a cast and rolled oxygen-bearing copper wire rod from Aurubis. With its extremely high electrical conductivity, Aurubis ROD ensures the highest possible efficiency in converting and transmitting electrical energy and signals. Other excellent features such as outstanding drawability, uniform recrystallization behavior and excellent surfaces make our wire rod ideally suited for use in demanding processing methods and applications. The basis of these characteristic features of Aurubis ROD | RheinROD is not only its high chemical purity – a result of using cathodes that clearly exceed the LME Grade A quality standard – but also the state-of-the-art production technology at our four ROD plants.

Basis for sophisticated applications

Almost every copper wire – and thus almost every cable or enameled wire – starts out as wire rod, making it the most common copper intermediate in the world. About 75 % of global copper cathode production is processed into continuous cast wire rod. Depending on their intended use, copper wires must meet varying requirements which must be considered when determining the quality of the wire rod. Aurubis supplies the right quality for each application, customer and intended use.

Aurubis ROD | RheinROD is the ideal starting product for further processing by drawing or rolling. The combination of outstanding conductivity and formability makes our ROD the perfect choice for copper wires in various types of cables for infrastructure and enameled copper wires in electrical engineering.

The excellent surface quality of our wire rod, mainly created by production at our four ROD plants, is a basic requirement for high temperature-resistant, error-free insulation systems. For this reason, our production and quality control specialists make surface quality a top priority.

Production capacity

> 900000 t

per year

Electrical conductivity in % IACS

> 101 %

Aurubis ROD lines


  • Aurubis ROD | RheinROD used in traction motors and on-board power supplies
  • Use in infrastructure for charging stations, in transformers and charging cables
  • Optimization of winding systems in the automotive industry, in transformers and generators
  • Ultra-thin insulating layers on flawless copper wire surfaces optimize power densities and reduce energy consumption in traction motors

In addition to oxygen-bearing copper rod Cu-ETP1, our product portfolio also includes low-alloyed copper rod (CuAg and CuSn) based on oxygen with an interesting combination of high strength and good conductivity. Applications can be found in on-board vehicle power supplies, overhead contact lines and electrical engineering.

Product portfolio
Oxygen-bearing copper wire rod
  • Designation: Cu-ETP1
  • Material number according to DIN EN: CW003A
  • Material number according to UNS: C11040
  • Oxygen content: 100 - 400 ppm
  • Electrical conductivity: > 101 % IACS
  • Copper content: 99.99 %

You can find additional information in the product brochure.

Silver alloyed copper wire rod
  • Designation: CuAg0.1 based on Cu-ETP1
  • Material number according to DIN EN: CW013A
  • Material number according to UNS: C11600
  • Silver content: up to 0.12 wt%
  • Electrical conductivity: > 100 % IACS
  • Copper content: remaining material

You can find additional information in the product brochure.

Tin alloyed copper wire rod
  • Designation: CuSn0.3 based on Cu-ETP1
  • Material number according to DIN EN: CW129C
  • Tin content: up to 0.3 wt%
  • Electrical conductivity: 100 % - 78 % IACS
  • Copper content: remaining material

You can find additional information in the product brochure.

Rod diameter
Available rod diameters
  Cu-ETP1 CuAg0,1 CuSn0,3
8 mm

10 mm    
12,4 mm    
13 mm    

16 mm

20 mm  
23,5 mm  


Multimetal supplier Aurubis produces high-quality metals as well as semi-finished and finished products at its plants and production facilities as it pursues its mission to become the world’s most sustainable smelter network. We not only have an enormously high-quality approach to our own semi-finished and finished products; our focus on sustainability and the environment has been a daily incentive to us to continue improving for more than two decades. With our new label, Tomorrow Metals by Aurubis, we indicate that sustainability plays a role in all our activities. The four pillars of environmental protection, awareness of our carbon footprint, recycling and responsibility – for people as well as the supply chain – serve as guiding principles to help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. As a result, customers acquire products that are not only excellent quality but also sustainable and low-emission, as a basis for processing along the entire supply chain.

Aurubis – a customer-oriented partner

Supply security

Aurubis produces a wide range of metals and semi-finished products and makes an important contribution to the circular economy through multimetal recycling. Supply security is ensured through fully integrated production from anodes to cathodes to copper products. This is also reflected by redundancies with four ROD plants and four tankhouses.

Innovation capacity

The metal extraction processes at Aurubis are continuously improved so they remain state-of-the-art. We draw on the unique expertise of our specialists in the extraction, processing and recycling of metals and complex compounds.

Strong partner

Aurubis is a solidly positioned MDAX company and is thus a strong, financially sound copper supplier for the long term. We offer customer-specific price hedging solutions with full pricing transparency

Copper on account

Aurubis offers customers an option called copper on account (Wandelkupfer), which enables them to secure supplies for their own supply chain using copper positions. Customers can flexibly procure copper from Aurubis and provide it to their own suppliers through copper accounts.

Sense of responsibility

For Aurubis, responsible corporate governance is an integral contribution to securing the company's future. The 2030 sustainability targets establish the framework for this purpose. They are a component of the Aurubis corporate strategy and are divided into the focus areas People, Environment, and Economy.

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