Press Release

"Aurubis Bulgaria and Zlatitsa Municipality launched "The Town of Diadovata rakavichka (Grandfather's Mitten)" city park and project

Bulgaria | Thursday, June 2, 2022

"Aurubis Bulgaria" AD and the Municipality of Zlatitsa launched the project "The City of the Grandfather's Mitten" aimed at promoting the region as a cultural and tourist destination. The renewed city park "Grandfather's Mitten" in Zlatitsa was opened on the 1st of June - International Children's Day. Over 300 children, parents and guests took part in the celebration. 

The park welcomed locals and guests with benches in the shape of an open book with illustrations by the artist Boris Stoilov and the text from the same-name story by the author Elin Pelin. Figures with the characters from the fairy tale, a children's house in the shape of a mitten and an outdoor stage for events are among the attractions in the renovated park. The symbolic opening was given by the Mayor of Zlatizha Municipality Stoyan Genov, the Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bulgaria Mariana Cholakova and the Head of Public Affairs at Aurubis Bulgaria AD Ivaylo Georgiev. The celebration ended at the Zlatitsa Cultural and Community Hall, where the National Puppet Theater - Plovdiv presented a dramatization of the fairy tale " Grandfather's Mitten."

A tourist website has been created to promote Zlatitsa and the cultural and historical heritage of the region: 

The project "Grandfather's Mitten" is funded by Aurubis Bulgaria AD and is implemented in partnership with the Municipality of Zlatitsa. The team of Aurubis was inspired by the Deutsche Märchenstrasse, a German fairy-tale route that includes about 60 villages and is 600 km long from Hanau to Bremen, following the footsteps of the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales (

"Aurubis Bulgaria AD is the largest company in the country and is part of Aurubis AG, an integrated international metals group and the world's largest copper processor. Aurubis operates a copper plant near Zlatitsa and Pirdop in the Sredna Gora region and is developing a long-term social policy in the region.