Aurubis Bulgaria financed the surveillance system in the town of Pirdop

Bulgaria | Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The company continues to fulfil its commitments to the municipality, schools, cultural institutions and sports clubs in the community.

Aurubis Bulgaria financed the establishment of a sophisticated surveillance (CCTV) system in the town of Pirdop. The project was implemented within the framework of the 2019-2021 Partnership Programme between the copper plant and the Municipality of Pirdop.

A total of 71 IP cameras were installed in the town, out of which 62 fixed security cameras, 3 varifocal cameras and 6 automatic number-plate recognition cameras.

The Milestone XProtekt Professional software platform supports the continuous surveillance of the main areas in the town of Pirdop. These areas include main crossroads, entry and exit points, public spaces, schools and kindergartens. The project was implemented by A1 Bulgaria EAD. The digital and telecommunication service provider conducted a series of trainings of police officers and municipal administration staff.

The video camera images are projected on big screens and they can be monitored and managed at two workstations located at the town hall and the local police office in the town of Pirdop. The state-of-the-art CCTV system will contribute to the security of the community through the prevention of anti-social behaviour and property damage.

Aurubis Bulgaria continues its commitments to the Municipality of Pirdop. The BGN 680 000 Partnership Programme was used to finance the third phase of the renovation of the sports hall in the town and to provide resources for the repair works at the Savo Savov Secondary School, to support the primary school, the community centres in Dushantsi and Pirdop, the Peka and Carlo Chokonyani Kindergarten and sports clubs, and to build the porch of the medical centre. Additional resources were provided to the local educational establishments beyond the Partnership Programme.