What makes us unique

You are our most valuable Element

We work with gold, silver and copper. But our employees are our most valuable elements. Without them there would be no Aurubis. Everyone here gives their very best, every single day. Which makes us what we are — a powerful company. With our products, we’re laying the groundwork for a sustainable society, whether it’s the energy transition, digitalization, or the Circular Economy. Our core elements highlight the essence, the experience of Aurubis as a unique employer. And they also show our pride for Aurubis.

Let’s empower the future together!

Our Core Elements
Rock-solid & rolling
Incorporating stability while constantly moving forward

We are a leading global multimetal company and one of the largest copper recyclers worldwide. During our nearly 160-year history, our economic success has clearly shown that our approach, which combines prudent management with sustainable growth as part of our forward-looking business model based on a solid financial foundation, has consistently made us stronger. We are rock-solid in an industry of the future — even in challenging times. And we’re always in motion, advancing our strategy and putting continuous improvement into practice, each and every day. At the same time, we are constantly developing our business and culture in line with our multimetal strategy and ambition to be the world’s most efficient and sustainable smelter network.

Hands-on & high-tech
Experience the multimetal industry while driving digitalization

Our passion is metallurgy. We offer an interesting working environment with a variety of exciting tasks and strategic projects based on our unique production processes and top-notch technologies, as well as our high-quality products. We are a global group living a hands-on mentality in a traditional production environment. We are amplifying digitalization and automation, smoothly combining the old with the new economy for the best of both worlds. Driven by innovation, we are making Aurubis even more future-proof.

Skilled & seriously sustainable
Empowering the future while fostering collaboration

We responsibly transform raw materials into valuable metals and products that clearly make a difference in the societies we live in. Our metals are the foundation for the energy revolution and future technologies. At the same time, we conserve natural resources by consistently closing loops, and we are expanding our recycling business even further. Sustainability is woven into our DNA. We strive to produce more with less environmental impact along our supply chain. Teamwork throughout our international smelter network is key to achieving our ambitious strategic goals. We lay the groundwork by investing in the skillset and sustainable development of our people and driving entrepreneurial spirit. We work in different regions, cultures and departments while fostering collaboration acting as ONE Aurubis.

What characterises Aurubis as an employer?