An initiative founded by Aurubis.

Women4Metals is an industry-specific women‘s empowerment initiative in the metal industry that was founded by Aurubis in 2019. Since October 2022, the network has now been open to other companies /
organizations in the industry who want to join us in making the industry more attractive for women.

What is our vision?

Our vision is to jointly establish the metal industry as an attractive employer for
women, where fair conditions (transparent career paths, work-life balance, equal pay etc.) prevail for all.

Within the network, we want to support each other and, as role models, inspire other women with our passion for this industry.

How are we organized?
  • Initiator and main sponsor of W4M is the Aurubis AG. The head of the network is Mrs. Stefanie Klein.
  • In the start phase, we will exchange ideas and experiences with cooperating companies / organizations to jointly shape our network and define our way forward.
  • Within W4M, we also interact via our LinkedIn group. Hereby, our members can exchange their ideas, experiences, and knowledge, benefit from others, support each other and offer collegial advice.
  • Further, we meet at well-known trade fairs and events in the metal industry.
What are our goals?
  • Through this network, we want to attract more women to the metal industry, fill more key positions with women and generally support women on their career paths.
  • Further, we would like to put more focus on the female perspective for the further development of the metal industry.
  • Women will gain more visibility in the metal industry and in their companies. Our network makes it possible for us to appear together, e.g., at trade fairs or industry meetings.
  • With W4M, equal opportunities in the metal industry can be actively demanded and enforced, employer conditions for women should be revised and improved.
What are your key benefits as participating company?
  • Increase the visibility of your company with regards to diversity / women's work.
  • Strengthen the employer attractiveness of your company on the labor market.
  • Raise the visibility of your female employees and increase their job satisfaction by enabling them to network with other women in the industry.
  • Use the W4M logo on your website and other channels and link us in your initiatives around the topic of women in the metal industry.
  • Be mentioned as a supporting company / organization on the upcoming W4M website.
  • As one of the first members of the network, you will benefit from leading the way as one of the pioneers in women in metals. Together with you, we will work out concrete goals and activities of the network in the kick-off phase. This could include internal working groups for further elaboration of specific topics, hosting of joint events and joint appearance at panel discussions. A close cooperation from the beginning will also enable you to find direct sparring partners among like-minded experts from different companies
What do we expect from you in return?
  • Within our network, we want to mutually benefit from best practices. Therefore, we would be very pleased if you actively participate in W4M events and share with us your experiences and perspectives on the topic.
  • Moreover, W4M thrives to get more visibility for women in the metal industry. Therefore, we would highly appreciate if you link our network on your company website and actively promote the network and our activities through your communication channels.
Who can participate?
  • Since October 2022, the network has now been open to other companies and organizations in the industry who want to join us in making the industry more attractive for women.
  • In general, every person who works or is interested in the metal industry can participate, regardless of country and gender.
How can you become a member?

You can fill out our non-binding registration form on behalf of your company / organization. We will then contact you as soon as possible via your given email address with further information about the network and first meeting dates.

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The development of the initiative is actively supported by the following companies and associations.

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Stefanie Klein

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