Suppliers and partners

Many external contractors, visitors and suppliers visit our company every day. To guarantee everyone's safety on our site and to ensure a smooth flow, we use strict procedures for external parties.

You can consult our General Terms and Conditions, Guidelines for Contractors and Code of Conduct below. With these guidelines, we jointly ensure that Aurubis Olen is a safe environment to trade within. Thank you for your contribution as a partner!

Will you soon be carrying out work on our company premises?

Every external employee must be registered in advance. Visitors or contractors who are not pre-registered cannot enter the company site. Always request pre-registration (Announcement form Contractor Personnel) in time from your Aurubis contact person. 

Do you want to register a delivery?

Each delivery must be notified in advance by sending an e-mail to stating: reference number of the order, name of the driver and number plate. Without pre-registration, you may be faced with long waiting times. Note: This rule does not apply to suppliers who work with courier services such as FedEx, DPD, TNT, GL Express, DHL, etc. Unless stated otherwise, all goods must be delivered to the Central Warehouse. 

Would you like to introduce your company, product or service?

Send a message to our Purchasing Team with all relevant info: Our Purchasing colleagues are happy to look into the options of a possible collaboration.

Aurubis Olen Purchasing
Aurubis Olen Purchasing

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