International Women’s Day –
Three female colleagues in the spotlight

Beerse | Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Lieve Devoght (left), Hilde Wuyts (middle) and Carla Philipsen (right)

In honour of International Women's Day on 8 March, we are highlighting three amazing women on our site. At Aurubis Beerse, we believe in creating a workplace where all people can be themselves and their talents are recognised, regardless of their gender. So let's celebrate women's successes and recognise the importance of gender equality in the workplace.

With a view to this recognition, we want to promote female employees together with the Aurubis Group through the Women4Metals initiative. At the same time we want to increase Aurubis' attractiveness as an employer for women, both internally and externally.

Lieve Devoght - Reception and Shipping Officer
  • Can you tell us a bit more about yourself, Lieve?
    I am Lieve and I am currently working as a Reception and Shipping Officer at Aurubis Beerse. As such, in this role I support the drivers who are loading and unloading. I have been working at the logistics department since 2012, which I think is the most fun department of all (wink). I am married to Bart, who also works at Aurubis Beerse at the Materials department. I am almost 58 years old and have two children and two plus children. I also have two grandchildren and two plus-grandchildren. And soon I will also be the proud grandmother of my fifth grandchild.

  • For you, who are some inspirational women and why?
    I mostly admire working mums who manage to combine career and family effortlessly. But if I had to name one, it would be my mother. She was an independent woman who taught me to work hard, stand up for myself and treat others the way I want to be treated myself. And a good friend, who sadly passed away, inspired me to cherish every moment in life. She did this under the beautiful motto "live like it's your last day".

  • What tip would you give to young women at the start of their careers
    My advice to young women is not to be discouraged by the idea that your looks play a role in getting a job. Remember that you were selected based on your knowledge and skills, not on your looks. Also, be clear about what you are and are not willing to do. Finally, listen to the advice of others, but stay true to yourself.

  • What is your advice to women eager to enter the metal recycling industry?
    Just do it! Although it may seem like a man's world, I believe women can have a different perspective on situations and make work more interesting. So if you are interested, go for it! Use your unique skills and develop your own way of working. Don't let prejudices about the industry or your gender stop you.

Hilde Wuyts - Account Manager Recycling Raw Materials
  • Can you tell us a bit more about yourself, Hilde?
    I am Hilde, born and raised in Beerse, where our site is also located. After finishing school, I started with great enthusiasm in September 1987 at Metallo (now Aurubis Beerse), where I am currently working as an Account Manager in the RRM (Recycling Raw Materials) department. Outside work, I am a real homebody and love doing all kinds of chores around the house and garden. I think my organisational talent and eagerness to learn are my greatest qualities. I like to keep growing and improving myself.

  • For you, who are some inspirational women and why?
    I don't have to search too deep for the answer to this question. In fact, I have been privileged to work with several generations of inspiring female colleagues during my 35-year career. Their diverse perspectives have helped me see things from different angles and encouraged me to approach certain things differently. As a result, I have gained more self-confidence and continue to constantly challenge and develop myself.

  • What tip would you give to young women at the start of their careers?
    Young women at the beginning of their careers, I would advise them to be curious and make use of the tools their companies offer. Personal growth and career development are becoming increasingly important now and there is a lot of room for creativity and critical thinking. So don't be afraid to learn and grow in your career because the opportunities are endless!

  • What is your advice to women eager to enter the metal recycling industry?
    My advice to all ambitious ladies who want to enter the metal recycling industry: dare to dream and have the guts to make it happen! In this industry, curiosity and eagerness to learn are a must, as is a willingness to constantly grow and develop yourself. Stay on top of the latest trends and product changes to provide the products and scrap of the future. But above all, regardless of your gender, the metal industry provides a sense of belonging and gives you satisfaction and the motivation to give your best!

Carla Philipsen - Team Lead Accounts Payable
  • Can you tell us a bit more about yourself, Carla?
    I am Carla, originally from Balen and currently living in Mol-Wezel with my husband and two children. My professional career started in 1999 when I managed the accounting department for several countries in Europe. In 2005, I moved to the 'Accounting Metals' department, where I currently still work and since February 2023 I occupy the position of Team Lead Accounts Payable.

  • For you, who are some inspirational women and why?
    One of my inspirations is Marie Popelin, the first female Doctor of Laws in Belgium and a fighter for women's rights. Closer to home, my mother and sister are my inspirations because of their perseverance and resilience in life, despite the challenges they have faced. After every setback, they come back straight and go for it 100 % again. This is something I admire immensely.

  • What tip would you give to young women at the start of their careers?
    My advice for young women at the start of their careers is to seize opportunities, take initiative and find a balance between your work and personal life. It is important to open yourself up to new opportunities and challenges and strive for growth. But it is also important not to lose sight of personal development in the process. Finding a work-life balance is crucial for your own well-being and success. By finding this balance, you can continue to develop yourself and enjoy the things that are important to you.

  • What is your advice to women eager to enter the metal recycling industry?
    Don't be scared off by the mainly male environment. There have been many positive changes and women can play their part just as well. As women, we have a valuable voice and should not be held back. This applies not only to the metal industry, but to all aspects of life. Look for opportunities to make yourself heard and represent yourself.

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