Our Aspiration

Recycling multi-metals for tomorrow.

Non-ferrous metals are infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. By recycling and refining complex materials, we can respond to the increasing metal scarcity. 

At Aurubis Beerse, we care about our environment, our people and our planet. We combine our unique technology and know-how to minimize the impact of our activities on society and environment, in order to build a bright future and preserve our natural resources

What defines us.

There are five values that define us. They are our DNA, the way we work together with all our internal and external stakeholders.


Each one of us is committed to the continuous improvement of what we do and how we do it. We encourage and stimulate innovation and innovative thinking by everyone throughout the company.


Accountability regarding our role, our colleagues and our organization. We are reliable and can rely on each other. We say what we do and do what we say. And if we cannot do what we said, we will communicate this. We are proud of our company and we respect all corporate materials.


We are reliable and sincere at all times. We always behave in an ethically correct way towards each other, our customers and the environment. Fundamental trust and respect is essential in our relationship with others. We are open and direct with each other, while maintaining mutual respect. We really listen to each other, even when we disagree.


Sustainability means to include social, human, economic and environmental responsibility in all our activities, decisions and changes. This is a necessary condition for the future success of our company.


We are one company and one teamWe believe that success as a company is as important as individual success. Our strength lies in the balance of autonomous responsibility and interdependence.