"If you truly want something and work hard for it, various doors will open for you."

Beerse | Friday, December 8, 2023

Meet Kevin! As a Sampling Coordinator, he is responsible for correct sampling, procedures, and processing of all incoming materials.

  • Kevin De Vet
  • 32 years old
  • Sampling Coordinator
  • Working at Aurubis Beerse since June 2015
  • Tell us about your background and how you ended up at Aurubis Beerse.
    Originally trained as a welder, I got early exposure to the ferrous and non-ferrous story. A friend at Aurubis Beerse informed me about a vacancy in the Sampling department. Without hesitation, I went for it, starting as a Sampling Operator in June 2015. After five years, I became a deputy, then a supervisor, and now I'm training to be a Sampling Coordinator. Exciting, as the torch will be fully passed in about six months!

  • Congratulations on your new role! How is your training progressing?Thank you! I recently attended a training in the United States, at the School of Mines in Denver. I received comprehensive education in sampling, covering techniques and theoretical aspects. It was fascinating to exchange experiences with people from around the world! In addition to external training, I undergo internal sessions, gaining insights into various departments like the Lab and Materials Handling, broadening my understanding of the entire Aurubis Beerse process.

  • What does your role as Sampling Coordinator entail?
    In my role, I ensure proper sampling of materials from our scrapyard and link each material to the correct procedure. It's crucial to have metal knowledge and make quick assessments of the material's needs. We use a magnet and sometimes a file to scrape off a layer, checking for different colors or materials underneath.

  • What does a typical workday look like for you?
    I start by initiating the commercial grouped freight lots (GVLs) with procedures like Crushing & Screening, Large Smelting, Small Smelting, etc. I prepare work sheets with crucial info for operators, create lists for sampling, and collaborate with colleagues to determine samples and detect abnormalities. We categorize materials under rich, poor, lead-tin, or mix, enabling operators to store them temporarily before processing.

  • How crucial is Sampling at Aurubis Beerse?
    Sampling is one of the most crucial departments. We receive recycling materials, precisely reduce them through complex procedures, providing the lab with quality and representative samples. This small sample represents the entire material pile, influencing how suppliers are paid. Precision, cleanliness, and quality are paramount.

  • Anything particularly proud of in your career?
    Taking on the role of Sampling Coordinator is a source of immense pride. Starting as an Operator eight years ago and climbing to Coordinator showcases the tremendous growth opportunities here. If you truly want something and work hard for it, various doors will open. Our focus on digitization, investment, and innovation at Sampling is something I'm excited to contribute to, furthering my impact on the environment and safety.

  • What motivates you to come to work every day?
    The uniqueness and challenge of the job motivate me. Every day is different – it's not your typical job; I often say, "it's not a cookie factory here." The materials and machines we work with are complex and unique, making the non-ferrous world incredibly interesting.

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