25th Anniversary of Metallo Spain

Berango | Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A historic event with a double celebration. This year has been very important to us. On one hand we celebrate the further integration of Metallo Group, with the recent rebranding. On the other hand the 25th anniversary of Elmet, now Metallo Spain, was on the agenda.

Yes. We have many reasons to celebrate!

Metallo Spain celebrated this with two honoring events. The first event being a celebration in the factory itself. This was attended by the political, economic and social authorities from the Basque region. With a guided tour the different processes and activities of Metallo Spain were explained. All this was afterwards accompanied by a cocktail party for the guests.

The second celebration event was carried out with the people who made this 25th anniversary possible, the employees of Metallo Spain. A thankful, relaxed and very fun event to which they were invited together with their families in the Iturgitxi Restaurant.

We thank you all and now we are going for another 25 years.

Watch our video of the event at the Metallo site in Berango
Watch our video of the family event