Company-wide Facts & Figures

                                      Our company-wide facts and figures are characterized by their dynamics and flexibility,                                            from our founding as a stock corporation in 1866 to today.   

                                      Nowadays, the Aurubis Group is ideally positioned. With about 6,300 employees at                                                  production sites in Europe and the US and sales offices around the world, Aurubis is one                                          of the leading integrated copper groups. 

                                     Aurubis stands for innovative processes, cutting-edge technology, exemplary                                                             environmental protection, customer value and profitability.



> 200000

metric tons of foil, strip, sheet and plate are produced worldwide annually by Aurubis




> 98 %

of global strip demand is covered by Aurubis's alloy portfolio



metric tons is the size of the biggest copper and brass coil in the world produced by Aurubis



rolling mills and tin-plating lines in Europe and the U.S.


                                Numbers don't lie - and neither does the proven dependability and versatility of our                                                  products. The above figures represent a resilient company that is 157 years in the making. An                                  old presence coupled with a young ambition to constantly improve upon what we've already                                  accomplished is how we proudly developed our company motto of "Metals for Progress".