Tin Ingot van hoge kwaliteit

Annual Production capacity

> 10000 mt

Sn content

> 99,95 %

Pb content

< 100 ppm

Applications that improve our everyday lives
  • M-brand tin has excellent electrical conductivity properties and is an essential element in solder products. Solder is used in semiconductors contained in all our electronic devices.

  • The low lead content of Aurubis tin is ideally suited for applications in the food industry (tinplate). Tinplate is used in cans for food, beverages, and paint as well as for many other products.

  • Tin used in copper alloys, tin plated strips and other alloys that are present everywhere in our cars, houses and other consumer products we use on a daily basis.

Applications driving the Chemical Industry forward
  • Use in float glass industry & glass coatings for higher quality products and increased durability

  • Critical addition to battery grids and other components of both Lead-acid & Lithium ion batteries. Tin use as key element for start-stop and hybrid technologies

  • Tin chemicals used as a stabiliser for PVC and countless other specialized applications in the chemical industry

Renewable Energy
  • Tin in solder for 5G-based electronics technologies as well as for interconnection in electric vehicles and other climate change-related infrastructures (e.g. Solder ribbon in Solar PV). Our M-brand Tin with high recycled content and low carbon footprint is a perfect fit for driving the decarbonisation.

  • Generation of green energy and significant support of the European Green Deal with Tin products by Aurubis


Product portfolio
Format and dimensions

Length: 610 mm, height: 71 mm, depth: 115 mm, weight: ca. 23 kg

Chemical specs:


> 99,95 %


< 100 ppm


< 100 ppm


< 100 ppm


< 50 ppm


< 300 ppm


< 10 ppm


< 10 ppm


< 25 ppm


Multimetal supplier Aurubis produces high-quality metals as well as semi-finished and finished products at its plants and production facilities as it pursues its mission to become the world’s most sustainable smelter network. We not only have an enormously high-quality approach to our own semi-finished and finished products; our focus on sustainability and the environment has been a daily incentive to us to continue improving for more than two decades. With our new label, Tomorrow Metals by Aurubis, we indicate that sustainability plays a role in all our activities. The four pillars of environmental protection, awareness of our carbon footprint, recycling and responsibility – for people as well as the supply chain – serve as guiding principles to help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. As a result, customers acquire products that are not only excellent quality but also sustainable and low-emission, as a basis for processing along the entire supply chain.


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Niels Keyaert

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