Organization and Corporate Governance

At Aurubis, common values and rules serve as a guide for everyday business

Sustainability is organized within the company in the Corporate Communications & External Affairs (CCEA) Department. The Vice President Corporate Communications & External Affairs reports directly to the Executive Board. Sustainability Management serves as the interface between the headquarters and the sites and coordinates all of the processes related to this topic. It is also responsible for continuously reviewing and developing the Sustainability Strategy at the same time. In the process, Sustainability Management cooperates with the respective divisions and departments in the Aurubis Group and assists with the operative implementation of sustainability measures.


Responsible corporate governance requires common values and rules to point the way in everyday business. At Aurubis, the legal framework, corporate values and internal policies ensure that our conduct is legally sound and that our communication with colleagues and business partners is fair and trusting. These guidelines also ensure a responsible attitude towards resources within our company. Aurubis’ Code of Conduct prescribes correct conduct within the meaning of our responsible corporate governance to all of the employees across the Group.


The Executive Board and Compliance Management together promote a compliance culture in which awareness is raised for following rules and laws. Compliance Management also establishes the main targets, develops the corresponding organization and identifies, analyzes and communicates significant compliance risks. It develops a compliance program by introducing principles and measures to limit risks and prevent violations.


Employees and business partners can contact the Aurubis Compliance Portal (“whistleblower hotline”) anonymously if they have a grounded suspicion of criminal activity (e.g. corruption, fraud, dishonesty). Any offenses are dealt with and disciplined accordingly.


We do not tolerate discrimination. We have firmly established the principles of equal opportunity and mutual respect in the Aurubis corporate culture. We call on all employees to report cases of discrimination to their HR departments or the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). All reports are investigated immediately and steps are initiated to remedy any injustices.


The Responsible Care Global Charter and guidelines adopted by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) is especially significant for us. The Charter’s objective is to improve the chemical industry’s performance in product safety, environmental protection, health and equipment safety continuously.




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