Dialogue and Cooperation

We maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders.

Communicating with stakeholders is exceedingly important for Aurubis. Our most important stakeholders include employees, the capital market, customers and suppliers, the scientific community, the media, NGOs and society.

During the open dialogue that we conduct, we exchange information and opinions and find out about the expectations that are placed on us. At the same time, we identify societal trends, political developments, internal and external risks and potential for our business early on. Due to the personal nature of this dialogue, we also create trust and receive suggestions for improvements. Both are crucial for the achievement of our goals. From a practical standpoint, this dialogue with our stakeholders takes place in the form of talks, forums and events. The discussions we have during visitor days, shareholder events, capital market conferences and supplier and customer meetings are especially intensive.

Through our Group representative offices in Berlin and Brussels, we find out early on about new legislative proceedings and other initiatives that could decisively influence our work. Our employees therefore serve as contacts for the relevant actors in the European Parliament, the German Bundestag, federal ministries and federal state offices. They clarify the consequences of possible resolutions for Aurubis, for the non-ferrous metals sector and for German industry. The decision-makers are generally not industry experts, so they are not always aware of the extent of the possible effects of new regulations.

We are an active member of the main economic, industry and specialist associations in the copper and chemical industries. For example, these include:

» the Federal Association of German Industry,

» the German Association of the Chemical Industry, (german website)

» the German Federation of the Metal Industry, (german website)

» Eurometaux



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